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Welcome to Valor K9 Academy! We are a veteran-owned dog training company specializing in puppy training, basic obedience and behavior rehabilitation training. We work with dogs of all ages and breeds, and we customize our training approach to best fit each dog’s individual temperament and training style. We are located in Chattanooga, TN, and Spokane, WA, and work with clients from all over the United States!

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A Strong Foundation is Key to Good Training.

Dogs talk, but only to those who know how to listen. Here at Valor K9 Academy, we believe that successful dog training is based on three things: communication, motivation and relationship. Therefore, everything we do fosters those key principles. We use a reward-based approach to training and later add corrections so that training is clear, consistent and reliable. Are you ready to have fun training?

Three great options to explore!

VK9-Spokane is recommended by:

  • Garland Animal Clinic
  • Indian Trail Animal Hospital
  • Cheney Veterinary Clinic
  • Blackhawk Veterinary Clinic
  • Kings Veterinary Clinic
  • Northwest Pet Resort
  • Doggie Doo’s and Daycare Too
  • Pawpular Companions Pet Supply
  • Flock’s Mini Aussies
  • Rescue 4 All
  • Higher Ground Animal Sanctuary
  • Power of the Paw
  • Double J Dog Ranch

VK9-Chattanooga is recommended by:

  • Nooga Paws
  • Animal Medical Professionals
  • St. Elmo Pet Wellness Center
  • Hixson Pet Wellness Center
  • Mountain Hospital for Animals
  • Shallow Ford Animal Hospital
  • Ashland Terrace Animal Hospital
  • Red Bank Animal Hospital
  • Animal Hospital of Signal Mountain
  • East Brainerd Animal Hospital
  • Chattanooga Veterinary Center
  • Standifer Gap Pet Hospital
  • Dade Animal Resource Team


  • Veteran-owned and operated
  • Unlimited trainer support
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Customized training methods
  • Private in-your-home training
  • Family-friendly
  • Small personalized programs
  • Competitive rates

Giving Back to our Community:

Here at Valor K9 Academy, we believe in giving back to our community and to animals in need. Since our start in 2014, we’ve donated over $26,000.00 in training to local non-profit animal rescue organizations, shelters and charities. We’re proud to support causes we care about.

Valor 4 Veterans:

Valor 4 Veterans is a non-profit organization founded by Valor K9 Academy with a mission to provide service dogs and service dog training to military veterans in the greater Spokane area. All training is donated free of charge by Valor K9 Academy.

What Others Say About Us

  • Valor K9 Academy is hands down the BEST I have ever witnessed! I am the Founder of a 501(c)3 foster home based rescue here in Spokane, WA called Rescue4All. We take dogs who are in danger of euthanasia or are listed as "rescue only" due to behavioral issues. I have been searching for a trainer that has direct experience in behavioral modification, reactivity &/or aggression issues. Someone who really knows what they are doing, not just another trainer who "says" they do. I wanted a trainer that places the dogs needs first, works to with dogs as individuals to find out how they learn best & is willing to work with them, someone who has a training philosophy that is inline with my own and that is positive reinforcement based. I was blown away by Amy's experience, certifications and how she genuinely LOVES dogs. I am proud to say that Valor K9 is that trainer! I take the R4A dogs to and refer all of our adopters to them!! THANK YOU VKA for being AMAZING!

    Jamie McAtee
  • I met Amy in 2013 at Vohne Liche Kennels in Indiana. Right off the bat I heard everyone talking about this girl who had the drive and stamina to train dogs. After we met we became fast friends! I found out not only all those comments to be true but she also has the heart of a Lion! She has such determination it is irreputable. I got a chance to watch and see some of the dogs Amy put through their paces...all I can say is WOW! I would recommend Amy to anyone who needs a little, or a lot of something extra added to their dog. Amy can handle the biggest brute to the smallest fuzz ball, and have them acting better in a short period of time. None of us claim to know it all especially when it comes to training dogs, but it sure helps when you have someone you know you can trust to turn one of your own dogs over to and they will come back better than when they left! If you provide her the opportunity, I know you will be totally pleased with the outcome. Good Luck to Amy, although she does not need it, I know she will be a success and we will all be reading one of her Canine Training books in the near future!

    Karen Douglas Head K9 Trainer Tennessee Highway Patrol
  • Power of the Paw takes on animals set for euthanasia in high kill shelters regardless of age, breed, or color. This means, we often come across dogs who need a structured program with a well seasoned behaviorist who really understands behavior and how to work with high levels of anxiety. I watched Amy study all 3 of my dogs closely and pick up on exactly what was needed. I have had my own dog in Amy's classes and I haven't been happier. She truly understands training and dog behavior. Many times, some trainers don't work for some dogs. Amy's versatile methods can be used on any type of dog with any behavior. I am excited to work with her so that our 'unadoptable' dogs can reach their full potential. I highly recommend Amy thus far, and urge people to meet with her about your dogs' needs.

    Autumn Jolley
  • Valor K9 Spokane delivers the best training this area has to offer. I have been searching for a quality dog trainer for the past four years. From the first time I brought my dogs in for their evaluations, I noticed an immediate difference. Amy is the only trainer that actually sat down with me first, no dogs. She had a bunch of questions for me about my background and then about my dogs. From there we discussed where I wanted to be from this point, my goals. I could tell that Amy took detailed notes as to what I was telling her. This might seem like a no brainer, but I tell you she is the only one that has ever cared to ask. I could tell she took a stake in my dogs training and my satisfaction with her program. Amy is no nonsense, very direct and most importantly efficient. She has a clear plan and will explain the steps to get there. Amy seems to use the ‘tell, show, do’ model in her group classes, which for my way of learning is very effective. If you are looking for a trainer to send your dog to, this is the place, hands-down that I would recommend. Thank you Amy!!

    Julie Richards

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