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A Strong Foundation is Key to Good Training.

Dogs talk, but only to those who listen. Here at Valor K9 Academy, we believe that successful dog training is based on three things: communication, motivation and relationship. We believe strongly in the importance of a good training foundation so we use primarily positive reinforcement to teach basic commands and behaviors. We focus on confidence building, the relationship between owner and dog, structure, rules and meeting the basic needs of each dog. Once dogs have a solid training foundation, we use training collars, such as prong collars and remote collars, as needed, to ensure training is reliable in public and around distractions. Our training always has each dog’s best interest at heart. We use body language, treats, affection and praise to help communicate with the dog and reward good behavior. Ready, set…let’s train!

Three great options to explore!

Our Company

“Valor” noun val·or \ ˈva-lər \: strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness : personal bravery

Valor K9 Academy is a veteran-owned and operated dog training business. We offer puppy training, basic to advanced off leash obedience and behavior rehabilitation training for aggressive and fearful dogs. We are celebrating five years in business and have five full-time staff members and five part-time staff members. Come train with us at one our three locations – Boise ID, Chattanooga TN and Spokane WA – or online with the new Valor Online one-on-one program!

Our Logo

The Thin Blue Line used in our logo commemorates fallen officers in the United States and Canada and symbolizes the relationship of the police in the community as the protectors of the citizenry from the criminal element. We honor the police force and thank them for the service in our communities.


  • Free consultations with trainer
  • Veteran-owned and operated
  • Unlimited trainer support
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Customized training methods
  • Private in-your-home training
  • Family-friendly
  • Small personalized programs
  • Competitive rates

Giving Back

Here at Valor K9 Academy, we’re all about giving back to the communities that support us. Since our start in 2014, we’ve donated $40,119 in training to local not-for-profit animal rescue groups, shelters, charitable organizations and military veterans in our communities.

Specialty Training

The training staff at Valor K9 Academy go above and beyond the call of duty. In addition to our standard training services, we also offer service dog training, therapy dog training, Canine Good Citizen, FitPAWS, weight loss, herding and special needs training for deaf and blind dogs.  

What Others Say About Us

  • We started taking our puppy here for Kindergarten at 15 weeks old. She is now 6 months old and starting Basic Obedience soon. After four private lessons with Jenna, our Lucy is so well-mannered. Today we hosted Easter brunch and were so impressed with how Lucy did! No jumping or begging and she was friendly with all of our guests. Nothing but good things to say about Valor and Trainer Jenna!

    Taylor Loehlein
  • We found Valor K9 during our desperate search for help with our troubled Mini Aussie/ Blue Heeler. I searched all over and kept coming back to Valor. Had it not been for Amy and her phenomenal team at Valor, our girl most likely would have been euthanized. They essentially saved her life all the while changing mine. I am beyond blessed to have taken the leap of faith with Valor and would recommend them to everyone who is seeking help with their dog. Months and months have gone by and Amy still answers our messages for a little help or guidance and has taken our puppies on weekends away when we can't take them along. I know, without a doubt, they are taken care of and loved just as if they are home.

    Emily Sandoval
  • A 5 star review does not begin to explain this company. Just under two years ago, I bought my first German Shepherd on my own, Benelli. I started with what I thought was a good amount of socialization, as well as classes at a local dog training place. At some point along the way, Benelli developed a profound fear of people and dogs. As a result, I developed a fear of taking her around people and dogs. This all culminated with her biting my neighbor on his hand. Here I wa with this dog that I had waited my whole life for, and I didn't know how to control her. I was terrified that this dog would be taken from me, or I would have to give her up. I had considered giving up multiple times. I started private lessons with Valor in March of 2018 with the simple goal of being able to take Benelli to group classes without either of us having a melt down. They have helped me not only meet, but exceed this goal by leaps and bounds. Heck, we even got students of the month! (Mainly her). My training at Valor K9 has been worth every single penny. I have done things with Benelli that I never would have thought were possible, and it is all thanks to Valor K9.

    Anthony Guzzo
  • The knowledge the Valor team has is priceless! All of the information I have ever received from Amy (whether in person, online or via text) has been clear and if I have questions, she is always willing to answer them and go into even more detail. The entire Valor team is incredibly professional and I will forever refer people to them!

    Traci S.
  • Valor K9 will transform the relationship you have with your dog for the better. Whether you're looking for obedience training or rehab for reactivity, Valor provides the skills and knowledge to help you and your canine companion.

    Nicole Williams
  • Very knowledgeable and caring trainers, attention to detail is very evident! Amy is a great trainer of dogs and handlers/owners and I’m extremely thankful for what her and the Valor family has done for me and my pup.

    David Grimes
  • Valor K9 Academy is hands down the best I have ever witnessed! I am blown away by Amy's experience, certifications and genuine love for dogs. I take the R4A dogs to and refer all of our adopters to them!! Thank you Valor K9 Academy for being AMAZING!

    Jamie McAtee
  • I recently had the privilege of attending Valor’s six day April Shadow program.. It was hands down, the greatest week of my life!... I highly recommend this program to anyone that’s interested at an inside look at dog training or even expanding their skills! The Valor team is also very professional! I loved watching every single one of them work their magic while also providing owners with the information and skills they needed to work with their dogs. Valor is TOP NOTCH!!

    Traci Lynn Swearer
  • We have a very energetic Boxer puppy who just graduated Basic Obedience class. My husband and I are amazed at the amount of progress he made in such a short time. At Valor, Courtney and Amy are knowledgeable and confident. They will make sure you are successful. They provide the training, rules and guidelines and you do the work at home. Practice and consistency. We love Valor and plan on doing Intermediate Obedience class.

    Katie Trembecky
  • Valor K9 Spokane delivers the best training this area has to offer. The owner is no-nonsense, very direct and most importantly efficient. She has a clear plan and will explain the steps to get there. If you are looking for a training company to send your dog to, this is the place, hands-down that I would recommend.

    Julie Richards
  • Anyone looking for a place to train your dog and yourself, this is the place to go. The owner, Amy, goes above and beyond to help to make training successful.

    Bonnie Smith
  • This is a great training facility with a very straightforward instructor who understands dogs and dog behavior. I recommend Valor to everyone!

    Shannon Blewett
  • Often I find trainers either lean too much on the positive side or rely too much on punishment. I found Amy to be an exceptional trainer that is truly balanced - She is firm, but fair.

    Jevry Denny
  • We took our 1 year old Lab to Dana for the board & train program. We wish we found Dana sooner before using other trainers who could not handle his energy level and did not have the answers to our questions. Dana worked with our dog and gave us the tools to continue his training and build his confidence further. He is now a joy to be around and loves the amount of structure he has in his life. The change in him was apparent at our 2 week visit and since we brought him home he continues to progress. Thanks again, Dana!

    Connor Wilm
  • We love Amy & Valor K9!! They have so many classes to offer... something for everyone!

    Maria Fell
  • Amy and her staff have been amazing! Amy never fails us. Her knowledge and expertise is superior to any trainer I have met. Her determination and skill has meant the world to us. I recommend Amy, and her staff at Valor K9, for all people looking for top-notch training from a top-notch trainer!

    Kenda Bishop
  • Dana is amazing! She helped me build confidence as a new dog mom at the same time she transformed Archie from a stray pup into such a well-mannered boy! I highly recommend training with Dana. I look forward to continuing on to the next level with her help!

    Suzanne Champ
  • While we've only had one private training sessions with our 8 month Dana, Ebonee, we can see she's quite trainable and have been given some pretty solid instructions that are already translating at home. We have 7 sessions to go, and I'm excited to see what Courtney can do for us!

    Steve Dolezal
  • We did the board and train program with our Golden Retriever. He is now a joy to take on walks and is so much better-behaved! Thanks to the great work of our trainer, Jenna, our dog is much happier and so are we!! Would definitely recommend Valor K9

    Sheryl Kirchmeier
  • We have had the pleasure of working with Amy and Valor K9 staff for over two years with both of our working line GSDS. Private lessons, group classes and most recently a puppy head start board and train have all been wonderful experiences. Amy is a fountain of dog training knowledge and teaches us as owners as much if not more than our dogs. Professionalism, friendship, passion and amazing training are just a few of the things we can say about Valor K9.

    Kim Arredondo
  • Amy saves dogs with balanced training. She teaches owners to offer treats for good behavior and corrections for bad behavior.

    Carolyn Tompkins
  • Amy's training is worth every penny. Learning to use the e-collar correctly has helped me to turn Scout into a listener and not a runner!

    Karen Brady
  • Amy and Valor K9 Academy have been truly amazing for us. We wanted to find a dog who would be a great fit for our family - playful and able to keep up with an active lifestyle including our kids, a deterrent to anyone with ill will toward our home and family, but gentle and obedient enough to have the potential to be a therapy dog for going to hospitals and nursing homes. It was a pretty big order. Not only find this amazing animal, but then help us get from puppyhood to the final product over a period of 1-2 years...which includes training all of us, as well as this distinctive puppy! Amy has not disappointed. She put us in contact with several high quality breeders. As we were considering options, she contacted me having found the perfect breeding pair for the qualities we were looking for in a dog. Two months later, we went down and got Tess!

    Elizabeth LoCascio
  • Dana was fantastic! My little Millie is a completely different puppy after lessons! Dana was so patient and knowledgeable, and I could not have asked for a better experience! We can't wait to come back and learn even more. Absolutely Fantastic!

    Jessica Partin
  • Exceptional knowledge in all aspects of dog training. Amy and her staff are VERY professional, kind, and straight forward. They are really good at teaching the humans too (hardest part!!). We have done Puppy Class, Beginner Obedience and currently doing Intermediate Obedience with Valor K9. My relationship with my GSD is strong and healthy thanks to Valor K9! Do not waste your time or money elsewhere. Go to Valor K9!

    Melissa Kossuth
  • We had our first private lessons today and are so excited to continue on! Thank you Amy for your patience with our 2 pups and with us. Your ability to change pace based on each dogs personality is a gift. I would recommend your services to anyone!

    Tiffany Saraceno

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