The Valor Pack: Yedi’s Story

The Valor Pack: Yedi's Story

Last but not least is our fourth and youngest dog, Yedi! Yedi is a two-year-old Australian Shepherd who we purchased from a reputable breeder in Tennessee called Lobos Australian Shepherds. We got pick of the litter and picked the most confident pup who showed the most courage and drives. He also happened to be the cutest puppy (in our opinion, of course) being a beautiful blue merle with dramatic copper trim. We picked up Yedi at 8 weeks old in December 2014 from the breeder and absolutely fell in love with his cute face and adorable antics. Yedi has personality for days!

When we got Yedi, Justin was living here in Spokane, WA, and I was still living in Chattanooga, TN, so Justin was Yedi’s primary puppy raiser and trainer. Justin did a wonderful job with Yedi’s socialization and exposure. He brought him everywhere with him, showing him the big wonderful world and all there is to explore in it. Yedi grew up a fearless puppy who was willing to take on any challenge. His food drive has always been very high so teaching him new things was fun and easy. Yedi loves training and especially enjoys clicker training. By just four months of age, Yedi had all of his basic commands down-pat and had learned over a dozen tricks. He got to go on lots of adventures with Justin and was an all-around great pup by the time I moved to Spokane in May 2015.

Yedi is the clown of our pack. He loves to do somersaults between our legs and moans with delight when we scratch his belly. Whenever there’s food around, he’s always the first to show us his tricks and awaits eagerly to get rewarded for it. Yedi loves agility and enjoys herding the sheep. He also loves running alongside the bike and does regular treadmill workouts as well. Yedi’s favorite activity is hiking in the woods, and his favorite person in the world is Justin. That said, he treasures any alone time he gets with the two of us. When you have four dogs, one-on-one time with both ‘parents’ becomes something of great value!

Yedi is a great demo dog and does a great job helping me socialize and train other dogs. He’s very easy-going, friendly and even-tempered. Although I primarily use Havok and Zoey for group classes, Yedi is one of the first dogs I use to help socialize nervous dogs because his affable personality helps bring dogs out of their shell.

Yedi’s registered name with titles is: SG-1 Lobo’s Yedi from the House of Valor CGC, CGCA, TKN, TKI, NatCH.

-Amy Pishner, Owner & Head Trainer, Valor K9 Academy


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