Valor K9 Academy is a small, veteran-owned dog training business. Our certified, professional trainers specialize in Puppy Training, Basic Obedience and Behavior Rehabilitation Training. Our services include Private One-on-One Training, Small Group Classes and all-inclusive Board and Train Programs. We proudly serve clients nationwide from our two locations: Chattanooga, Tennessee and Spokane, Washington.

Valor K9 Academy – Chattanooga

VK9-Chattanooga was founded in April 2014 by Amy (Glunn) Pishner. What started as a small, word-of-mouth business operating out of an apartment has since become the premiere dog training company for the greater Chattanooga area. In February 2017, we expanded and are now conveniently located inside Nooga Paws (Natural Pet Market) in the 2 North Shore complex (near Whole Foods).

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Valor K9 Academy-Spokane

Founded in June 2015, VK9-Spokane provides the greater Spokane area with true balanced training for dogs of all ages, breeds and temperament types. VK9-Spokane is run by Justin and Amy Pishner, a husband and wife team who work hard to provide the best in dog training and customer service. VK9-Spokane is proud to be the trusted trainer for the area’s leading animal rescue groups as well as local reputable breeders. VK9-Spokane is located just off highway 2 across from Fairchild AFB. We have a beautiful 2400sf training facility with fenced-in acreage, outdoor kennel runs, an expansive outdoor agility course and sheep for herding.

Photos of the VK9-Spokane

Meet Our Trainers

Amy Pishner

Head Trainer, VK9-Spokane

Amy Pishner is the Owner and Founder of VK9-Chattanooga and the Owner and Head Trainer of VK9-Spokane. She is a magna cum laude graduate of Carthage College with degrees in International Political Economy and Spanish. After college, Amy spent a year teaching English and economics in South America before joining the U.S. Air Force to work as an Intelligence Specialist. After serving in the military, Amy pursued her lifelong passion for dog training. She is triple certified by Starmark Academy, Vohne Liche Kennels and The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers.

Dog Training Accomplishments & Certifications:

June 2013: Canine Training Specialist (Starmark Academy)

July 2013: Canine Behavior Specialist (Starmark Academy)

July 2013: Canine First Aid and CPR (Starmark Academy)

October 2013: Dual Purpose K9 Handler (Vohne Liche Kennels)

October 2013: K9 First Aid and CPR (Vohne Liche Kennels)

October 2013: National Odor Recognition Test (NACSW)

November 2013: Introduction to the E-Collar (Tactical K9)

December 2013: Dual Purpose K9 Trainer (Vohne Liche Kennels)

October 2015: Approved Canine Good Citizen Evaluator (American Kennel Club)

August 2016: Obedience Intensive (The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers)

January 2017: Canine Genetics and Behavior (The Institute of Canine Biology)

February 2017: Adult Learning Course (DoD)

June 2017: Jeff Gellman 2 Day Training Workshop (Solid K9 Training)


Association of Professional Dog Trainers

International Association of Canine Professionals

Service Dogs of America

Therapy Dogs International

Justin Pishner

General Manger, VK9-Spokane

Justin Pishner is the General Manager and Assistant to the Trainer at VK9-Spokane. Justin joined the U.S. Air Force in 2004 and works as a SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) Specialist. Justin has deployed numerous times in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom and is currently stationed at Fairchild AFB.

Justin and Amy met in 2011 while serving in the military at Seymour Johnson AFB in Goldsboro, NC. They reside in Medical Lake next to the Academy and enjoy exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest on their mountain bikes and motorcycles.

Justin and Amy have four dogs: Zoey, Havok, Duke and Yedi. Click the links to read their stories. All four dogs are Assistant Trainers in helping train and rehabilitate client dogs.


Dana O’Lone Long

Head Trainer, VK9-Chattanooga

Dana O’Lone Long is the Head Trainer at VK9-Chattanooga and is certified through Valor K9 Academy as a “Canine Training and Behavior Specialist.” Dana worked in the veterinary field from 2003-2016 and most recently served as Department Head of Internal Medicine at the RIVER Vet Emergency Clinic in Chattanooga. Dana embodies passion and excellence, and we’re proud to have her on our team. 

Dana and her husband, Nick, live in Chattanooga and own four cats and three dogs: a German Shepherd named Charlie, a Belgian Malinois named Yedi and an Italian Greyhound named Isadora.

Dog Training Accomplishments & Certifications:

Sept 2015: Canine Training Specialist (Valor K9 Academy)

Sept 2016: Canine Behavior Specialist (Valor K9 Academy)

January 2017: Competitive Obedience Seminar (BDE Canine)

July 2017: Nashville K9 Conference (K9-Cop Magazine)


Association of Professional Dog Trainers

International Association of Canine Professionals

Our Locations


1112 N. Dover Rd.
Medical Lake, WA 99022



313 Manufacturers Rd.
Chattanooga, TN 37405


Our Training Methods

Here at Valor K9 Academy, we emphasize a reward-based approach to training. We teach your dog using positive reinforcement training techniques so your dog is motivated to learn and has a good attitude toward training. Once your dog understands commands, we use training collars to proof your dog’s behavior with the goal of 100% reliable obedience in new situations and around distractions.

We believe in a holistic approach to training, so we do more than simply teach your dog commands. Our goal is to transform your dog into a well-behaved companion who’s enjoyable to be around. We also place a special emphasis on owner education because, let’s face it, if you don’t understand your dog’s behavior and training, then what good is the training?! We seek to EMPOWER owners so you feel comfortable and confident working with your dog.

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