Board and Train

Want a well-trained dog? Let us do the work for you!

We offer 2 and 4 week programs for dogs of all ages

Our board & train program is perfect for busy professionals, families and individuals who want top notch training for their dog. In this program, your dog lives with the trainer and receives several hours of daily playtime, socialization and training each day. We train your dog, then we educate you and transfer your dog’s training to you so you feel comfortable and confident working with your dog at home. Throughout the training process, we keep you up-to-date with pictures, videos, social media posts and more. Our program is limited to just three dogs at a time to ensure each dog receives sufficient one-on-one time with Trainer Amy (in Spokane) and Trainer Dana (in Chattanooga).

 Puppy Head Start Program

Early training is key to success! In this program, we raise your puppy like our own. Training focuses on socialization, exposure, manners and reward-based obedience training. This program includes: crate training, potty training, extensive socialization and exposure, body awareness FitPAWS training, confidence building, clicker training, swim lessons, helping to stop nipping/chewing/jumping and introduction to basic commands. The longer your puppy stays, the more material we can cover. We have two week and four week programs. In both programs, you have the option of letting your puppy stay with us full-time or just Monday-Friday (spending weekends with you).

For puppies 10-20 weeks of age

2 week board & train with 2 private lessons $1997

4 week board & train with 4 private lessons $2997

Basic Foundations Board & Train Program

Our Basic Foundations program is a two week program for dogs 6+ months of age that covers on leash obedience and manners training. In the Basic Foundations program, all training is done on leash. It’s a great way to jumpstart your dog’s training. In just two weeks, we’ll transform your unruly but loving dog into a well-behaved companion.

2 week board & train program with 2 private lessons $2197

Good Dog Board & Train Program

In the Good Dog program, all training starts on leash and then progresses to off leash e-collar training as well. We start by training your dog inside the training building with minimal distractions and end with field trips to pet-friendly restaurants, shopping centers and parks to proof your dog’s training in public. Our goal in this program is to transform your dog into an off leash companion who can go anywhere and do anything with you!

4 week board & train with 4 private lessons $3297*

*Price includes ET-300 Mini Educator e-collar ($200 value) at no cost to you!

Behavior Rehabilitation Board & Train

We offer a 4 week program to rehabilitate dogs with behavior issues such as people aggression, dog aggression, fear issues, leash reactivity and more. Our goal for rehab training is to eliminate the problem then transform your dog into an obedient, well-mannered companion. If you’ve already worked with a trainer and didn’t see results, don’t worry. We’re oftentimes a dog’s third, fourth or fifth trainer – and the last trainer you’ll ever need to work with.

This program is suitable for dogs of all ages. No dog is too old to be rehabilitated!

4 week board & train with 4 private lessons: $3997

What dogs learn in our board & train programs:

We start by building focus and motivation for training then we teach your dog how to:

-how to sit on command and stay (3+ min, 30+ ft away, around distractions)

-how to down on command and stay (10+ min, 20+ ft away, around distractions)

-to walk on loose leash and auto-sit (no more pulling!)

-to come when called (with front-sit)

-the place command (a client favorite!)

-leave it (ignore dropped food, toys and other distractions)

-crate manners (enter crate, wait and exit on command)

-calm on cue (how to be excited and calm down instantly)

-vehicle manners (to ride well in car)

-door manners (wait before passing through indoor/outdoor threshold)

-elimination of unwanted behaviors (jumping up, barking, digging, counter surfing)

-calm on cue (we teach your dog how to relax and be calm)

Please note: Individual results may vary based on dog’s age, prior training, preexisting behavior issues and temperament.

Custom Board & Train Program Available

For clients wanting specific training for their dog, such as service dog training or weight loss programs, we offer custom board & train options. These are offered on a case-by-case basis and pricing varies depending on training needs and time required to meet those needs. If you’re interested in a custom board & train program for your dog, please contact us today and we’ll discuss options with you.

Extra Curricular Activities

All board and train programs include agility course training, FitPAWS training for confidence and body awareness, sheep herding*, swim lessons*, socialization with other people and dogs, and home manners training inside the trainer’s home (*VK9-Spokane only). This is the bonus fun stuff your dog gets to do while in training!

Space is limited. We allow 2-3 dogs to participate in our program at any given time. This ensures each dog receives sufficient daily exercise,  training and 1:1 time. A $500 deposit is required to reserved a spot for your dog, which goes towards the total cost of training. 

Any training equipment required for dog will be added to final invoice.

Next board & train opening at both locations: December 2017

  • We were blown away by our puppy's progress after two weeks in Amy's Puppy Head Start Program. -Dr. Elizabeth LoCascio

  • Our rescue poodle was a sweetheart with us but a terror to our older dog and almost everyone else. She spent one month with Amy and her pups, and she's a completely different dog! -Heather Whitley

  • My 1 year old dog went to Valor K9 Academy for the 14 Day Board & Train, and I cannot believe the difference. I cannot say enough good things about Amy and her training abilities. -Dawn Zoesch

  • Amy has an amazing board and train program. She went above and beyond making sure her training was the right fit for our lifestyle and our dog. Valor K9 is top notch! -Shelley Rosenberger

  • "I sent my GSD puppy, Dutcher, to Amy for a two week board and train. Before his stay with Amy, Dutcher would pull and bite on the leash, try to chase cars, barked at the vacuum and would only obey commands when he knew he would get a treat. When we picked up Dutcher, he no longer pulled on a leash, learned many more commands (sit, down, shake, spin, circle, place, weave and wait). Amy also taught him to walk on the treadmill and started puppy imprint for personal protection training. Amy kept us informed while she had Dutcher through emails and Facebook. Amy also followed up with me after Dutcher came home and made sure to offer suggestions to any questions I had and let me know I could call or email her anytime - love that! Amy is a professional all the way and I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends ."

    Becky I.
  • "We looked for several months trying to find the best trainer for our puppy. Had heard great things about Amy and Dana, but didn't realize just how great they were until our dog stayed with Dana for 30 days. Our 11 month old puppy, Zella, came back to us as a well mannered and more obedient puppy. We will be forever grateful for all of Dana's hard work! Excellent training and we thank Valor K9 Academy!"

    Karen C.S.
  • "I highly recommend Valor K9 Academy. Amy is an amazing trainer! Before we sent our Weimaraner Gatsby off, he was unruly, I wouldn't even take him for a walk without him dragging me everywhere! Gatsby not only walks great on a leash now, but also walks great alongside our bike! He is a better rounded dog all around. I will definitely be back for more with him as well as any future dog I may have!"

    Clarissa K.
  • "A total transformation of my GSD Hank. Thank you so much Amy!"

    Nancy L.
  • "I cannot say enough good things about Amy and her training abilities. My 1 yer old dog went there for the 14 Day Board and Train and I cannot believe the difference. No more jumping on people, chewing up things, or bolting. I have never looked into training until before now and so glad that we did. We have a dog that actually has good manners, listens so well, and she even seems happier with herself. Amy keeps you posted the whole time, on social media as well as personal contact via email and texts, s o you feel a part of the process. Thank you Amy for everything! You are so good at what you do and so pleasant to work with!"

    Dawn Z.

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