Chattanooga Dog Training

Jul 2018

 VK9 Owner Education Handout “Behind every well-trained dog is a well-educated owner.” –Amy Pishner A big part of what we do here at Valor K9 Academy involves owner education. Our goal is to not only train your dog, but also teach you how to better understand and communicate with your dog. While owners are sometimes part of the problem, you are a big part of the solution too! We have all our new clients read this post to explain key terms and concepts so everyone is on the same page in training.......

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Jun 2018
But My Dog's Not Food Motivated: Training an un-motivated dog

Hey guys! One of the questions we get asked a lot is “How do we train dogs that aren’t food motivated?” Dogs who are fed on a regular schedule or who have 24/7 access to food in a bowl tend to be unwilling to work for food. They’re thinking, “Why work for something I get for free?” But just because a dog isn’t willing to work for food doesn’t mean we don’t train. There’s a lot of training you can accomplish with a dog who’s not food motivated! We’ve compiled a list......

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