Group Classes

Professional, Affordable Small Group Training


If you’re looking for a small group class to maximize your dog’s learning, you’ve come to the right place! Valor K9 Academy is known for productive group classes where everyone has fun training. Our classes are 6-8 weeks long and allow 8-10 dogs per class. You’ll walk away with a wealth of knowledge and a well-trained dog!

To participate in group classes, your dog must be:

 1. Friendly towards people (both adults and kids) both on and off leash

2. Friendly towards other dogs (of all sizes) both on and off leash

3. Comfortable in new environments

“Puppy Class”

(For puppies 10-24 weeks of age)

This is a weekly drop-in puppy training class.

This is the perfect class for your new puppy! We use reward-based training methods that are scientifically-proven to set your puppy up for success. In one hour, we cover hands-on obedience, problem solving, puppy play and Q&A. Our training methods promote:

1. Creating an active learner

Active learners are puppies that learn through self-directed training how to make choices and try new things in order to be rewarded. Like infants and toddlers, puppies are highly intelligent and absorb information quickly and easily. We use early training to set puppies up for a lifetime of learning success!

2. Introduction to basic commands

In Puppy Class, we introduce puppies to commands such as sit, down, stay, heel and come in a way that’s fun for you and your puppy!

3. Socialization and exposure

A puppy’s most impressionable socialization period is from 4-16 weeks of age, and the socialization window typically extends to about 9 months of age. During this socialization period, it’s critical to properly expose your puppy to new people, places, sights, sounds, surfaces and animals. We teach you the do’s and don’ts of socialization, and we expose your puppy to a variety of novel things so that you get hands-on experience with good socialization techniques. 

4. Confidence building

Everything we do in class is geared towards building your puppy’s confidence. From socialization and exposure to clicker training and FitPAWS, our curriculum builds good behaviors and promotes confident, well-socialized puppies.

5. Owner education

Is your puppy soiling in the house? Whining in the crate? Nipping at your kids? How about jumping up, digging or chewing? No worries. We set aside time at the end of class to answer your most pressing questions!

Class meets every Tuesday from 6-7PM.

Winter/spring classes: February – end of April 2018

Location: Nooga Paws, 313 Manufacturers Rd. Suite 111, Chattanooga, TN 37405

Cost: Just $30 for one class or $125 for a bundle of 5 classes to use anytime

Free for rescues:  Drop-in puppy classes are now free for 501(c)3 rescue groups. If you’re a non-profit organization with puppies in need of training, come join us!

New clients: Doors open 15 minutes before class begins. New clients, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to register and sign in.

Vaccines: We require that all puppies attending class receive at least their first set of vaccinations seven days prior to class.

What to Bring: a hungry puppy, lots of high value treats (small, non-crumbly treats such as Happy Howie’s, hot dogs or pieces of cheese), treat pouch or container with lid, lightweight leash, harness, copy of shot records. Class is family-friendly so feel free to bring the kids!

You’re welcome to send us an email letting us know you’ll be coming or just show up for class. We look forward to meeting you!

“Basic Obedience”

(For dogs 6+ months of age)

This is our foundation training class for obedience & manners.

If you have a newly-adopted dog, family pet or companion dog this is the perfect starter class! Basic Obedience Class at Valor K9 Academy covers the following key areas of training:

1. Basic commands

We start by building focus, then we teach Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Come, Place and Leave it. We use reward-based training methods paired with a training collar as needed. All training is done on leash.

2. Place bed training

The place command is  a client favorite! The place bed is an elevated bed with defined edges, and dogs are trained to stay on it (stand, sit or lay). When you’re cooking, cleaning or inviting guest into your home, you can send your dog to “Place” so he stays out of the way. It’s a super helpful tool in adding structure to your dog’s daily routine, and it helps dogs learn to relax on cue.

3. Loose leash heel

No more pulling you down the street! We’re going to teach your dog to walk nicely on leash through the use of leash pressure, reward-based training techniques and training collars. By the end of class, your dog will go into heel position, walk on a loose leash next to you and automatically sit when you stop walking.

4. Manners around people and dogs

It’s not enough for you to enjoy your dog – other people should too! By the end of this class, your dog will sit politely next to you when people approach with dogs to greet you, and he’ll sit nicely for petting. Having a well-mannered dog makes life with your dog enjoyable.

At the end of this class, your dog will take a test that includes the following:

  1. Sit politely next to you when someone greets you
  2. Sit politely next to you when someone with a dog greets you
  3. Sit on command and stay for 1 minute from 6 feet away
  4. Down on command and stay for 2 minutes from 6 feet away
  5. Come when called to front-sit from 20 feet away
  6. Walk on a loose leash (L turn, R turn, about face, auto sit at stop)
  7. Go to the place bed and stay (for 5 minutes with distractions)
  8. Leave it (food refusal)

Our Feb/March 2018 class is full. Upcoming class schedule to be announced soon!

Cost: $297; A $100 deposits towards the cost of training is required to save a spot for you in class. Email us to sign up!

Wait List: Interested in training with us but don’t see a class that works for your schedule? Email us and we’ll add you to the wait list. When a new class is announced, you’ll be the first to know!

What our clients say about group classes!

  • Dana was fantastic! My dog started the group class glued to my legs, but by the end of the class he was confident, attentive and obedient! I highly recommend Basic Obedience Class at Valor as much for us dog owners as for the dogs we love! Kudos to Dana Long!

    PK Hendrix
  • Dana is the best! She trained my American Bully and she knows her basic commands! Will definitely be going back for more training. Thank you so much, Dana!

    Donna Kimball
  • Dana with Valor K9 Academy was wonderful to work with! Our dog learned so much during his obedience classes. He is so well behaved now, especially around others. I was amazed by how much Dana was able to teach us during our sessions.

    Katie Payne
  • Anyone looking for a place to train your dog and yourself, this is the place to go.

    Bonnie Smith
  • My seven-year-old dog benefitted greatly from going to Basic Obedience. Wish I had taken this course years ago!

    Kevin Trump
  • Valor K9 will transform the relationship you have with your dog for the better.

    Nicole Williams
  • Top notch training for dogs and education for owners. Highly recommend!

    Cassie Timmons

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