Recommended Breeders

Hank Jr.

Flock’s Mini Aussies

From their website: “Flock’s Mini and Toy Aussies started in 2011, but we have been raising dogs for over 15 years. We believe in raising healthy quality Mini Aussies, not only for companion animals, or show/agility but also therapy dog service dogs. We are located in Washington State just outside of Spkane, and near the Idaho border. Our Aussies are not kennel raised, they are raised in the house under food around kids and other animals.”

Pictured is “Hank Jr,” a blue merle Mini Aussie from Flock’s. Valor K9 Academy has worked with two dogs from Flock’s, and we’re impressed with their intelligence, health, temperament and trainability.


Lobo’s Australian Shepherds

“Located in the beautiful mountains of Middle Tennessee near Sparta and Crossville. We strive to produce healthy puppies from quality dogs, and they always receive the best of care. Raised with children, our puppies will make excellent family pets and companions. Above all else, they will provide a lifetime of love and companionship for your family.”

Our blue merle Aussie (“Yedi”) is out of Lobo’s Danger x Cindy Lou.

SentinelHarts German Shepherds

From their website: “SentinelHarts German Shepherds is located in the foothills of the east San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. Here at SentinelHarts, we are dedicated to the preservation of the working German Shepherd dog. We take great care to breed dogs with sound genetics, superior conformation, even temperament and work drive.”

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Tess, a female GSD out of Bronte x Carlo. She has solid nerves, a great temperament, good structure and is just an overall phenomenal dog.

"Wilson" Rosenberger

Northwoods Cane Corsos

From their website: “Located near Spokane, Washington and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in the Pacific Northwest, NorthWoods Cane Corso strives to showcase the versatility of the breed. Where Strength Breeds Strength. The Cane Corso is a breed to “replace” all other breeds. Excelling in service work, schtzhund, agility, dock jumping, ring work, hunting, blood tracking, livestock guardianship, you name it, they will work for you to get it done – all while being the dog that you take pride in being a part of your family. Naturally being a guardian and companion, the Cane Corso makes the ideal addition to your family. Showcasing the power, intelligence, athleticism, drive, and love that the Cane Corso provides, we here at NorthWoods take this and put it into action with our breeding program.”

“Wilson” (shown in photo) went through our 30 Day Good Dog Board & Train program in late 2016. We were very impressed with his temperament and structure. Wonderfully-bred dog!

Lytle’s K-9’s (German Shepherds)

“Production of dogs for service jobs and high level sport competition. Special attention on hard working temperament. Genetically full and crushing bite. High prey fight and hunt drives.”

We’ve had the pleasure of working with a male GSD from Lytle’s. Fantastic dog!

Von Risden Haus German Shepherds

“At K9 Motivation and Von Risden Haus German Shepherds, we believe that ethics is the most important factor when considering breeding any dogs. We breed for a purpose and take every possible step to ensure that we are enhancing the German Shepherd breed. Rigorous testing is done to ensure the proper genetics match up and all hips, elbows and backs are clear before considering breeding as an option.”

Schraderhaus German Shepherds

“Our Primary Focus is on producing beautiful and healthy dogs with structurally sound and solid working body type;  dogs who possess and exhibit good temperament along with balanced working drives, thereby producing offspring who are also a pleasure to live with.  Correct working body structure along with soundness of mind are extremely important within our breeding program, with our goal being to produce offspring with the same solid qualities so evident in the breeding stock we choose to mate together.  Sound hips and elbows, structural health, keen intelligence, steadfast loyalty and superior working ability are equally important qualities within our breeding program.”

WCC’s Bernese Mountain Dogs

“We are a small Bernese Mountain Dog breeder located in Eagle Mountain, Utah. We strive to produce very healthy, high quality, healthy minded, show quality Bernese Mountain Dogs. We hold a high standard here for our breeding dogs, and they must pass a series of health tests in order to become parents of our future puppies. We test hips, elbows, heart, eyes, Von Williebrand and Degenerative Myelopathy on ALL of our adults before we breed them. We care a great deal about our future puppies, and want to set them up for success in life the best we can!”

Sapphire Shepherds

From their website: “Sapphire Shepherds believes the German Shepherd should remain a healthy working dog so they breed to achieve that goal. Genetics is the focus of Sapphire’s breeding program.”

We had the pleasure of working with a male GSD out of Sapphire’s breeding program in the spring of 2017. Lovely dog!

Sweet Cream Goldens

From their website: “At Sweet Cream Goldens, we specialize in breeding, raising and placing healthy and beautiful AKC English Cream Golden Retriever puppies with their forever families. Like you, we have a love for Golden Retrievers and consider them part of our family.”

We worked with a Sweet Cream male Golden in July 2017. He’s hands-down one of my favorite dogs. Wonderful disposition, intelligent and eager to please.

Alta-Tollhaus German Shepherds

From their website: “At Alta-Tollhaus German Shepherds, we breed first and foremost for temperament and health. Our mission is to produce clear-headed, self-confident, social dogs that are incredibly beautiful and versatile. Our dogs are very intelligent—they are a thinking dog, eager to please and always loyal.”

We’ve worked with two dogs from Alta-Tollhaus now. Alta-Tollhaus Ulfr and Alta-Tollhaus Michigan, both owned and loved by Julie Richards of Spokane, WA.

Feuergarten German Shepherds

From their website: “Feuergarten German Shepherds is not run as a breeding operation. We strive to showcase our dogs and display their abilities through the multiple venues in which we participate. We may provide 1-2 litters a year, at most. Our goal is to produce well balanced dogs with exceptional drive and nerve strength to succeed in many sport or working venues, as well as stable health, temperament and character to become outstanding companions. ”

Tiltonhaus German Shepherds

Tiltonhaus German Shepherds is a family run, fully licensed business in the state of Washington.

We’ve worked with two dogs from Tiltonhaus, and they’ve both been great!

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