Christmas is just 10 days away! If you’re looking for a great gift for your pup or a friend’s dog, I made a list…and checked it twice! These are 10 of my favorite dog items for under $100 that are specifically geared towards mental stimulation, physical exercise and health.

10. Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball Dog Toy (6.99-12.98)

From “Extremely durable, but soft in your dog’s mouth, the Treat Dispensing Chew Ball is ideal for feeding your dog his meals or f95163_99a3637fc81c4726a88721f3d3c1193aretrieving. Starmark Mental Stimulation toys help keep pets mentally engaged in an activity they enjoy. They help foster natural hunting and foraging behaviors, and help prevent destructive boredom behaviors. This item can be used with Interlocking Treats, or with portions from your dog’s regular meal to turn mealtime into playtime.”

9. Chuckit!Sport Launcher (6.99-9.09)
From “Look as good as you throw! The new Chuckit! Sport Ball Launcher has a sporty new look and an improved grip, making it possible to launch the ball with more accuracy, distance, and – most importantly – style than ever before. You’ll help your dog exercise in a fraction of the time and never have to touch a just-drooled-on tennis ball again. The Sport Ball Launcher comes with one ball.”

8. American Journey Elk Antler Dog Chew (14.99)
From “Even the extreme chewer will succumb to the influence of an American Journey Elk Antler Treat. This 100% natural antler is ideal for puppies, aggressive chewers and large dogs because it lasts extremely long. Elk antler chews are naturally shed and renewable. They support bone and muscle health and their hard texture helps clean teeth, massage gums and exercise jaws as your dog chews.”

7. Elite Working Ball on a Stick (19.95)

From “Used for building drive in dogs and is strong enough for tugging with adults and young dogs. Features an unbreakable plastic f95163_64334ec3de2942e38fde0cbc23d028e3shaft and Elite Working Ball attached to the shaft by rope. Great for testing ball drive in green dogs.”

6. Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Wax (11.75-34.99)
From “Protects paws from sand, hot pavement, ice and salt with all natural 100-percent wax-based cream. Perfect for mushing, hunting, walking or before any outdoor activity. Easy-to-apply formula contains vitamin E to moisturize and help heal wounds and keep paws healthy.”

5. Ruffwear Approach Dog Backpack (79.95)
From “Attached saddlebags feature an efficient weight forward design. The Web Master Harness frame provides load stability and weight distribution. Padded assistance handle makes it easy to help dogs up and over obstacles. Trail-ready details such as stash pockets, coated zippers and external gear loops.”

4. FitPAWS Giant Balance Disc (45.99)
From “Use for weight bearing activities and balance training. Perfect for small/medium dog breeds — use two for large dog breeds. Two training surfaces — smooth and textured to vary the type of exercise. Professional-grade heavy-duty PVC material is formulated for use with dogs. Training DVD included.”

3. W.C. Redmon Precision Digital Pet Scale (89.55)f95163_4beaa607c8d74ec1ab8f57a3f4fe3576
From “As a serious breeder, or the concerned pet owner, it is important to understand how critical weight is indicative of health and well -being. Successful owner/breeders never ignore fluctuations and trends in an animal’s weight.”

2. Service Dog Vest Harness / In-Training Vest (30.95)

From “Reflective front strip and harness trim for added safety. 2 Velcro-back patches with reflective “SERVICE DOG” lettering for easy identification. Neoprene lining for added reinforcement and dog’s protection from abrasions. Breathable, soft-mesh inside padding for dog’s comfort. Adjustable chest and belly straps with a quick release buckle for custom fit.”f95163_5e329669d735450c88e9a118eaf26483

1. Dog Training from Valor K9 Academy
From VKA: “A trained dog is a happy dog, and a well-behaved dog is a pleasure to own! We offer small group classes starting at $99, private one-on-one training sessions and board and train programs. Call today to schedule a free private consultation and behavior evaluation. Gift certificates available!”f95163_001aa23f96904dde8d72543078a2119d

Bruno says, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”