💥Available for Adoption to Trainer Approved Home:💥

Leon, a 90lb – 11 month old Pit/Rottweiler Mix (neutered) who is UTD on his vaccinations.

He has a history of fear aggression and previously had very little impulse control, confidence or socialization. He has now completed a 4-week Custom Behavior Modification Board and Train with Trainer Samantha and has made tremendous progress using The VK9 Method.

rottweiler boise adoptable dogs

However, his genetics and history of aggression mean that he needs:

  • continued training for long term success and a strong
  • experienced handler who can safely lead and manage him
  • daily structure and meet his daily exercise needs.
  • Leon is very much a “one man” kind of dog; thus he would thrive with a human who does not travel often and does not have a busy household.
rottweiler pitbull boise rescue adoptable dogs

🏡A potential home must:

  • have experience living with, training and handling working dog breeds
  • be child free (older teenagers may be possible) but no possibility of children on the horizon
  • have no other animals in the home
  • have a secured fenced in yard
  • be willing to utilize balanced training tools including a crate and muzzle
rottweiler pitbull boise rescue adoptable dogs

🐕Leon’s positives:

  • he is very food motivated
  • has a solid obedience foundation
  • muzzle trained
  • active and athletic
  • thrives with structure and training
  • is affectionate once he bonds with you
 rottweiler pitbull boise rescue adoptable dog

Leon is located in the Boise area.  

Private lessons with Trainer Samantha are included in his adoption to ensure a successful transition to his new home.

If you are interested in Leon, please email Samantha Lee at samantha@valork9academy.com. 

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rottweiler pitbull boise rescue adoptable dog