Are you looking for a reputable breeder to get a service dog puppy prospect from? Here is our list of recommended breeders. Each breeder does breed-specific health testing and pays close attention to conformation, temperament and working abilities. We have worked with puppies/dogs from most of these breeding programs. Many of them are now therapy and service dogs.

Of course, which breed you choose depends on the job you need the dog to do and your preference. This is just a list to get you started and help you out.

Golden Retriever Breeders

Sweet Cream Goldens (near Spokane, WA)

Council House Goldens (near Boise, ID)

Stage Gulch Golden (CA)

SunGolden Kennels (WI)
Sun Golden Kennels

Birchwood Goldens (AK)

Labrador Retriever Breeders

Fidelity Farm Labradors (near Spokane, WA)

German Shepherd Breeders

Jinopo Kennels (Czech Republic)

Vom Amwolf German Shepherds (Illinois)

Von Lotta German Shepherds (Georgia)

Bauernhof German Shepherds (Kansas)

Australian Shepherd Breeders

Flocks Mini Aussies (near Spokane, WA)

High Desert Aussies (OR)

Standard Poodles

Bijou Standard Poodles (NY)

Cosmic Creek Standard Poodles (KY)

Crystal Creek Standard Poodles (IN)


Doodletown USA (NC)

Gertie’s Goldendoodles (IN)

Keep in Mind…

An experienced breeder will be able to help you select the right puppy for your service dog needs. We always look for puppies with unshakeable confidence who are motivated by food and praise and at ease around adults, kids and dogs.

This list is CAO 4-25-21 and will be updated regularly.

Cover photo courtesy of Council House Goldens