Board & Train Programs

All-Inclusive Training

Valor K9 Academy Board & Train programs are an all-inclusive option! The board & train is designed to give you maximum results in a short amount of time! Your dog lives in the trainer’s home and does 10 -15 training sessions each day for a total of 1-2 hours of daily training. In addition, our trainers take time to socialize, exercise and play with your dog. Typically, our trainers take 1-3 dogs at a time.

Board & Train programs get results quickly and effectively. We do the work for you, and you maintain the training once your dog is home! Private Lesson Training is included in the program, so you can learn what you dog has been taught.

We offer Puppy Head Start™, Good Dog™ and Custom Board & Train programs. Space is limited.

Our Board & Trains

The Puppy Head Start™ Board & Train

For puppies 8-20 weeks of age

The Puppy Head Start™ Board & Train is our comprehensive puppy raising and training program. In this program, we lay a strong foundation for your puppy. We do all the heavy lifting, so that you can enjoy your puppy at home. We set your puppy up for success to become a well-rounded, obedient and confident companion. We cover crate training, potty training, socialization & exposure, introduction to obedience and manners, puppy play and more!

Crate Training and Potty Training:

We work hard on your puppy’s crate training and potty training. We teach your puppy to enter the crate on command, to wait patiently, and to exit with permission. Our goal is to teach your puppy to be calm and quiet in the crate, to prevent accidents in the crate, to help your puppy sleep through the night without needing a potty break, and to teach your puppy to potty outside on command. This accelerates your puppy’s training and makes life with a puppy much, much easier!

Socialization & Exposure

This time during your puppy’s life is absolutely critical. Your puppy needs to be socialized and exposed to the good world in order to grow up to be a confident dog who can go anywhere and do anything. When socializing your puppy, we aim for positive and neutral exposure opportunities to build your puppy’s confidence. We take your puppy on countless field trips (averaging seven per week) and provide play dates for your puppy as well to learn good canine play skills. We expose your puppy to the following seven key areas:

  • New people (including kids)
  • New places
  • New sights
  • New sounds
  • New surfaces
  • New animals
  • New experiences (including car rides, baths and nail trims)

For any puppies lacking confidence, we work double-time to boost thepuppy’s confidence as much as possible. Fear can be genetic, and we can’t change genetics, but we can shape behavior and help nervous puppies become their best selves.

Obedience Training

For obedience training, we invest in your puppy’s training by doing 10 to 15 one-on-one training sessions throughout the day. We introduce basic obedience skills, commands and behaviors. We use primarily positive reinforcement (rewards) and a slip lead in our training. Introduction to obedience includes:

  • Engagement
  • The Name Game™
  • Art of Doing Nothing™
  • Luring
  • Sit on command and stay
  • Lay down on command and stay
  • Heel on leash (via Preheeling™)
  • Recall drills
  • Introducing the place bed
  • Tethered decompression
  • Manners around people
  • Manners around dogs
  • Manners at the door
  • Crate drills
  • Leave it (impulse control with food)

Your puppy’s obedience training will be off to a great start! Depending on which program you choose, your puppy will begin working on obeying commands, duration, distance and/or distractions. The longer we have your puppy with us, the more solidified your puppy’s training will be.


Puppies don’t come pre-programmed to know good manners. That’s why we teach them! In this program, we nip bad behaviors in the bud and teach good manners at home and in public. With consistency, the new habits become your puppy’s new normal! Here’s what we work on:

  • No jumping
  • No biting hands, feet or clothing
  • No biting the leash
  • Sit to be pet
  • Be respectful of other dogs
  • No barking in the crate
  • No demand barking

Fun Activities

Puppies love to have fun! And we want your puppy to have great outlets for physical exercise and mental stimulation. This helps to tire your puppy out to be set up for success in the house and on field trips. Here are the workout options we cover:

  • Walking on the treadmill
  • FitPAWS canine fitness equipment
  • Flirt pole fun

All that and then some!

No other company covers as much as we do with your puppy in such a short period of time. Your puppy is going to have a blast with us!

This program includes five hours of private lesson training for you. We train you on top of training your puppy! This sets you up to be a successful dog owner. We teach you everything your puppy has learned, and we answer all your questions along the way.

And don’t worry, you will receive lots of updates during your puppy’s stay with us. You’ll see your puppy’s progress and all the fun your puppy is having! On average, we send photo or video updates every two to three days. Nobody else does that!

We want you to know that your puppy is in good hands with us. We care about your dog, and we treat your puppy like one of our own during his/her stay with us. Many of our clients choose to board & train their puppy when they go away on vacation.

Program options

Two weeks – $2400.00

Three weeks – $3400.00

Four weeks – $4400.00

Eight weeks – $8000.00

The longer your puppy is with us, the more training and socialization we’re able to do with your puppy, and the more solidified all of your puppy’s training is. We do recommend the four and eight-week options for future service dog prospects. We are happy to receive a puppy directly from the breeder and can arrange an airport pick-up if needed.

The optimal age to begin training is between 10 and 14 weeks of age. The two-week option is only offered for puppies 10 weeks of age and older.

Booking information

A non-refundable deposit and signed contract are required to reserve a spot for your puppy.

You provide a crate, food, bones, treats and a toy for your puppy. At the end of training, we set you up with all the equipment you need to make sure you can continue your puppy’s fun and training at home. Take-home equipment is not included in the cost of training.

The Good Dog™ Board & Train

For dogs 6+ months of age

Do you have a friendly dog who needs to learn obedience and manners? The Good Dog™ Board & Train  program is for you! In this program, we teach your dog basic on leash obedience, off leash recall and manners at home and in public. At the end of training, you’ll have a go-anywhere, do-anything dog who’s enjoyable to be around and super well-mannered. We cover crate training, canine social skills, confidence building, obedience training, e-collar training, manners, field trips and more!

Crate Training

We teach your dog to enter the crate on command, to wait patiently, and to exit the crate with permission. We teach your dog to be calm and quiet in the crate, so that you can use the crate for structure in your absence. This gives your dog a safe place to rest, relax and decompress.

Canine Social Skills

Your dog receives invaluable pack time with other balanced dogs. They teach your dog what’s acceptable during canine play and what’s not. All pack time is supervised by the trainer to set your dog up for success. Having a well-socialized dog is a critical part of foundation training.

Confidence Building

Could your dog use a little confidence boost? We’re happy to help! We offer a variety of activities to boost your dog’s confidence, including treadmill training, FitPAWS fun and urban ability. By challenging your dog physically and mentally, we help your dog become the best version of him or herself. These exercises are always great ways to tire your dog out in a pinch!

Obedience Training

We spend the first full week teaching your dog obedience skills, commands and behaviors. We use primarily positive reinforcement (rewards) and a slip lead in our training. Then, in week two, we layer in a training collar (prong collar or pro-training collar) and begin proofing your dog’s obedience to distractions and upping the ante with more duration, distance and distractions. We also introduce your dog to the e-collar to teach a reliable off-leash recall. In week three, we go on lots of field trips to generalize your dog’s training to new locations and proof manners in public. Obedience training includes:

  • Engagement
  • The Name Game™
  • Art of Doing Nothing™
  • Luring
  • Sit/stay 3Ds
  • Down/stay 3Ds
  • Heel with auto-sit
  • Off leash recall (come)
  • Complete place bed training
  • Manners around people
  • Manners around dogs
  • Manners at the door
  • Crate drills
  • Leave it (impulse control with food)

Your dog’s obedience training will be solid. But it will be up to you to keep working with your dog at home to continue the great work we’ve started for you! Dogs are always learning. The question is, what are we teaching them? Obedience for dogs is like going to the gym for us. The more consistent, the better the results!

E-Collar Training

We use our proven 8-Step Method, specific to Valor K9 Academy, to condition your dog to the e-collar in a calm, controlled and calculated method. This makes e-collar training a fun and stress-free experience for your dog. Your dog will learn to come when called around distractions, using the e-collar as backup. Your dog will also learn to go to place using the e-collar to control your dog from a distance. These two (recall and place) are the top two uses for the e-collar. That’s why we teach them in this program! A reliable recall, especially, could save your dog’s life someday. And it opens the doors for fun experiences hiking, swimming and running the trails. Your dog will thank you for his new off leash freedom!


Everybody likes a well-mannered dog. In this program, we stop bad behaviors and replace them with good ones. Here’s what we usually work on, but we do cater it to your dog’s laundry list of bad behaviors!

  • No jumping
  • No biting hands, feet or clothing
  • No biting the leash
  • Sit to be pet
  • Be respectful of other dogs
  • No barking in the crate
  • No demand barking

Field Trips

It’s important for your dog to be obedient and well-mannered wherever you go, right? That’s why we invest the time and energy into taking your dog on numerous field trips during the second and third weeks of training. These field trips allow us to proof your dog’s training in uncontrolled environments – new people, places, sights, sounds, surfaces and animals. It’s a lot! We know! And that’s why we train to the level we want your dog to perform. Our graduates receive constant compliments from passersby on their dogs’ behavior. We love knowing our graduates are rocking it in the real world. And that’s not by chance. We are focused on the end goal, and that’s what we train to.

And more

We teach your dog to walk on the treadmill. We show dogs FitPAWS canine fitness equipment for mental and physical stimulation. We teach them to have fun with the flirt pole for a quick workout. We trim their nails, brush them, and bathe them (at no charge to you!). We go the extra mile in every way to send you home with a well-mannered companion for years to come.

No other company

No other company covers as much as we do. We take your dog from zero to hero in just three weeks! Send us your wild, jumping, barking, excitable and loving dog…and we’ll take that happy dog and keep it happy while also teaching it to be well-behaved. Your dog’s personality will not change. Your dog will not forget you. Your dog is simply going to have a blast during his or her time with us. Guaranteed! The way we train is fun. Dogs love it!

Owner training

This program includes five hours of private lesson training for you. We train both ends of the leash! This sets you up for success, and it ensures the time we spent with your dog isn’t for naught. We teach you everything your dog has learned, and we take our time to answer all your questions carefully and thoroughly. We love teaching people just as much as we love training dogs.


You will receive regular updates during your dog’s time with us. You’ll see your dog’s steady progress, and you’ll know your dog is in good hands with us. Updates are typically via text – photos and/or videos – and usually every two to three days. Nobody else updates the owners as much as we do! We want you to rest assured knowing your dog is being well-cared-for and well-trained.

The investment

Three weeks of training for your dog plus five private lesson hours for you – $3700.00

Booking information

A non-refundable deposit and signed contract are required to reserve a spot on our schedule for your dog. Spots are limited, and we usually book a few months out.

You provide a crate, food, bones, treats and a toy for your dog. At the end of training, we have all the training equipment you’ll need to follow through at home. Take-home equipment is not included in the cost of training.

Custom Board & Train

For dogs of all ages

Our catch-all program, this program is designed for dogs with specific training goals. Typically, Custom Board & Trains are for dogs needing add-on training, refresher training and service dog training.

Add-on training

If your dog is currently in a board & train program, and you want to add more time, you can upgrade to a longer program option, or you can add-on week/s at a time via a Custom Board & Train option. You let the trainer know what else you want covered, and we’ll make sure it gets done! This option depends on the trainer’s schedule and ability to keep your dog longer.

Weekly – $1300.00

Refresher training

Going away on vacation? Want to board your dog with us while you’re away? Refresher training is a great option for dogs who could use a little tune-up. Refresher training is offered to VK9 Alum only, and it’s offered at two-week and longer increments. We need enough time to refresh your dog’s obedience foundation then bring it back up to speed in public.

Weekly – $1400.00

Service Dog training

Are you looking for a seasoned Service Dog Specialist to work on your dog’s Public Access Training and Tasking? Look no further. Valor K9 Academy has not one, but two, resident service dog experts.

Our specialties include, but are not limited to:

  • Psychiatric Support Service Dogs, including PTSD
  • Medical Alert Service Dogs, specifically POTS, Heart Rate Alert/Response and Seizure Alert/Response
  • Mobility Support
  • Hearing Support
  • And more

One of our trainers is fully trained in sign language. Both trainers on staff use service dogs full-time. We know what it’s like to need a competent, confident and well-mannered service dog in public. We’ll help you with every step along the way.

Weekly $1500.00 (minimum: 4 weeks for PAT and Tasking)


For any other board & train that does not fit into the above three categories, the fully customized board & train rate will apply. This rate will vary based on program duration, the dog’s behavior and the complexity of the training.

Weekly – $1300 to $1500.00 as determined by trainer

BOOKING INFORMATION: Puppies must have at least their first set of shots one week prior to the start of their board & train. Dogs six months of age and older must be current on all vaccinations, including Rabies and Bordetella. Owner supplies food, treats, bones and crate for dog. A non-refundable deposit and signed contract are required to book a spot, and the balance is due the first day of training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Boise Board & Trains in Action

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My 6mo old husky spend 3 weeks with Kelsi at Valor. She went beyond my expectations, despite dealing with “husky” attitude, and a stubborn set in his ways pup. When he came home, he was a new puppy. The improvements I saw were immediate. Our time spent transferring Loki back over to me and preparing him for being back home went great. I told Kelsi my main concerns/goals. She put her focus on these and Loki came a long way. I was and am highly impressed with the time and efforts she put into LOKI. For anyone debating this program for their puppy I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Invest in your puppy, you won’t regret it!

-Trent M. (Chattanooga)

“Much thanks to Taya at Valor K9 Academy for taking such great care of our 4 month old beagle mix. Our puppy went to the Puppy Head Start program having virtually no training. She came back to us knowing many commands (sit, down, place, come, and more.) We learned that we have a very smart and active dog that will benefit from lots of exercise and mental stimulation like agility training. What we have learned, and will continue to learn, with the assistance of the knowledgeable, kind, and caring staff at Valor K9 Academy will help us create a family bond with our new puppy that meets our family needs and the needs of our sweet puppy.”

-Jessica O. (Boise)

“Amazing results in just 3 weeks of training! Our two young golden retrievers (Riggs – age 3, Murphy – age 2) went to stay with Samantha for 3 weeks in October and the results are nothing short of amazing! Before training, they would pull non-stop on the leash during walks while darting all over the place creating a tangled-up mess. We could not let them off the leash or they would run off and ignore us regardless of how loud we were yelling. And worst of all, Murphy would bark at customers that came into our business and then be very whiney in the afternoons as he became more anxious. I was nervous about them being gone for 3 weeks, but Samantha was extremely understanding and reassuring. She updated me frequently with text, photos and videos which clearly showed how much fun the boys were having while still learning new skills. Samantha was able to correct their bad behaviors and replace them with the ability to stay calm and content when indoors, to walk on a loose leash, and to recall immediately regardless of the distraction. Best of all, the methods she used are easy to duplicate at home by adding a few inexpensive tools, such as pinch collars, elevated dog cots and food puzzles. We did choose to purchase new e-collars that Valor K9 recommended because they work so much better with long haired dogs than the ones we’ve had for years that never seemed to work. The new ones are simple to use and very effective, even with just the vibrate setting. Before the training, I never would have considered taking my dogs to get pet pictures with Santa because they would be out of control. This past weekend, we went to see Santa at a small bookstore in town. The dogs were so calm and obedient, and the pictures turned out great! It’s so much fun to take them in dog friendly shops, on long walks/hikes, and especially to let them play off leash in open areas!”

-Tracy A. (Boise)

At the recommendation of a friend, I sent my 13 week GSD to train with Kelsi for a two week puppy head start board and train. I have plans for my pup to be a service dog when she’s older, so I knew she needed a solid foundation early. Kelsi was absolutely wonderful to work with. She willingly answered all of my (many) questions before, during, and after her board and train. Briar came home with phenomenal foundational manners, obedience, and confidence! The included hours of at home lessons make me feel equipped to continue her training myself and to prepare her for future work with Kelsi to grow Briar’s skill set. I truly recommend Valor K9 Academy to anyone no matter what your needs are for your pup! They are well worth the investment.

-Brittany G. (Chattanooga)

I recently had my 3 year old lab do a Board & Train with Taya and the results have exceeded my expectations! Taya did a phenomenal job with my dog. Ellie had some bad manners that needed cleaning up plus we decided to extend training for service dog work and Ellie is doing very well with her tasks! I could have not done the training on my own. I highly recommend Valor K9 & Taya to anyone who needs help with their dog!”

-Lindsay Z. (Boise)

“Samantha is outstanding! She brings equal parts heart and firmness to her training, so we never felt our dog would be unhappy in her board & train. Samantha is very accommodating when you have questions or need some peace of mind about anything from training policies to photos of your dog while she’s away. Coco came home happy, knew all commands, and even learned how to stay calm and quiet in her kennel. This was a success!”

-Heather M. (Boise)

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