Board & Train Programs

All-Inclusive Training

Valor K9 Academy Board & Train programs are an all-inclusive option! The board & train is designed to give you maximum results in a short amount of time! Your dog lives in the trainer’s home and does 10 -15 training sessions each day for a total of 1-2 hours’ daily training. In addition, our trainers take time to socialize, exercise and play with your dog. Typically, our trainers take 1-3 dogs at a time. Board & Train programs get results quickly and effectively. We do the bulk of the work, and send you updates, then you pick up a well-trained dog! Private Lesson Training is included in the program, so you can learn what you dog has been taught.

Typically our trainers take 1-3 dogs at a time. Space is limited. Book today with a consultation and/or deposit and signed contract.

Please note, we are currently fully booked for behavioral cases and not accepting aggressive dogs at this time.

Our Board & Trains

The Puppy Head Start™ Board & Train

For puppies 8-20 weeks of age

The Puppy Head Start™ Board & Train is a comprehensive puppy training program. It’s designed to give your puppy a jump start on training to set your dog up for success in the future. If you want a confident, well-rounded and obedient dog who can go anywhere and do anything, this board & train is for you!

Catering to puppies eight to 20 weeks of age, we cover crate training, potty training, obedience, manners, socialization & exposure.

Puppies are introduced to the following skills and commands:

  • Engagement
  • The Name Game™
  • Art of Doing Nothing™
  • Luring
  • Sit on command and stay
  • Lay down on command and stay
  • Heel (via Preheeling™)
  • Recall drills (on a long line)
  • The place command
  • Tethered decompression
  • Manners around people
  • Manners around dogs
  • Manners at the door
  • Crate drills
  • Impulse control with food

In Socialization & Exposure, we provide opportunities for meeting new people, going new places, seeing new sights, hearing new sounds, trying new surfaces and meeting new animals, including play dates with other dogs! We spend several hours socializing each puppy in our program to set that puppy up for success in the future! The longer the program, the more socialization, exposure and confidence building the puppy receives, and the more solidified the puppy’s obedience, crate training, potty training and manners are.

And finally, we also include bonus activities to provide your puppy with physical exercise and mental stimulation. These include introduction to walking on the treadmill, trying out FitPAWS canine fitness equipment, urban agility, playing with the flirt pole and more!

This program includes private lesson training for the owners, so that we can train you. You’ll learn everything your puppy has learned, and you’ll also be provided with updates during your puppy’s stay with us. These include photo updates and/or video updates and written emails.

Please note: Prices do not include puppy training equipment (which ranges from $0 to $200). You provide a crate, bones and food. The two-week option is not available for puppies who are under 10 weeks old at the start of the program. For puppies coming directly to Valor from the breeder, we recommend the four-week option.

We offer three program options:

Two weeks – $2400
Three weeks – $3300
Four weeks – $4100

The Good Dog™ Board & Train

For dogs 6+ months of age

Do you have a friendly dog who needs to learn obedience and manners? This program is for you! The Good Dog Board & Train teaches basic on leash obedience, off leash remote collar recall and manners at home and in public.

Your dog will learn reliable obedience to basic commands:

  • Engagement
  • The Name Game™
  • The Art of Doing Nothing™
  • Luring
  • Sit/stay 3Ds
  • Down/stay 3Ds
  • Heel on leash
  • Off leash recall
  • Place bed training
  • Manners around people
  • Manners around dogs
  • Manners at the door
  • Crate drills
  • Leave it

Just for fun, we also do FitPAWS, Urban Agility, Intro to Flirt Pole and Treadmill Training with our canine students!

Three week Good Dog program – $3650

The Good Dog ADVANCED Board & Train includes everything in the Good Dog program plus 100% off leash e-collar obedience and three tricks of your choosing plus additional generalization and proofing around distractions.

Four week Good Dog™ Advanced program – $4750

Prices include private lessons for you and do not include equipment (which is typically about $400).

Custom Board & Train

For dogs of all ages

This program is designed for dogs with specific training goals. Training topics include but are not limited to: fear, aggression, reactivity, anxiety, service dog training, therapy dog training, drive building, personal protection training and obedience refresher training.

If you’re looking for service dog training, please scroll down on this page to our Service Dog Training tab where you will find a breakdown of our training process for service dogs. Training usually includes a combination of private lessons and board and train. Our areas of focus are PTSD, TBI, Mobility Support and Medical Alert. Price includes private lesson training for owner and does not include equipment (cost varies).

Puppies and obedience: $1200-1400/week

Service dog training: $1400-1500/week (offered at our Boise location only)

Prices include private lesson training for the owners.

After many years and after rehabilitating hundreds of dogs, we are no longer taking behavioral cases (aggression, fear, reactivity). We simply don’t have enough team members to meet the current demand.


Click here to see our Board & Train FAQ blog post!

BOOKING INFORMATION: Puppies must have at least their first set of shots one week prior to the start of their board & train. Dogs six months of age and older must be current on all vaccinations, including Rabies and Bordetella. Owner supplies food, treats, bones and crate for dog. A non-refundable deposit and signed contract are required to book a spot, and the balance is due the first day of training.

To book, please fill out the form on our Contact page.

Our Boise Board & Trains in Action

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Some Recent Board & Train Reviews

My 6mo old husky spend 3 weeks with Kelsi at Valor. She went beyond my expectations, despite dealing with “husky” attitude, and a stubborn set in his ways pup. When he came home, he was a new puppy. The improvements I saw were immediate. Our time spent transferring Loki back over to me and preparing him for being back home went great. I told Kelsi my main concerns/goals. She put her focus on these and Loki came a long way. I was and am highly impressed with the time and efforts she put into LOKI. For anyone debating this program for their puppy I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Invest in your puppy, you won’t regret it!

-Trent M. (Chattanooga)

“Much thanks to Taya at Valor K9 Academy for taking such great care of our 4 month old beagle mix. Our puppy went to the Puppy Head Start program having virtually no training. She came back to us knowing many commands (sit, down, place, come, and more.) We learned that we have a very smart and active dog that will benefit from lots of exercise and mental stimulation like agility training. What we have learned, and will continue to learn, with the assistance of the knowledgeable, kind, and caring staff at Valor K9 Academy will help us create a family bond with our new puppy that meets our family needs and the needs of our sweet puppy.”

-Jessica O. (Boise)

“Amazing results in just 3 weeks of training! Our two young golden retrievers (Riggs – age 3, Murphy – age 2) went to stay with Samantha for 3 weeks in October and the results are nothing short of amazing! Before training, they would pull non-stop on the leash during walks while darting all over the place creating a tangled-up mess. We could not let them off the leash or they would run off and ignore us regardless of how loud we were yelling. And worst of all, Murphy would bark at customers that came into our business and then be very whiney in the afternoons as he became more anxious. I was nervous about them being gone for 3 weeks, but Samantha was extremely understanding and reassuring. She updated me frequently with text, photos and videos which clearly showed how much fun the boys were having while still learning new skills. Samantha was able to correct their bad behaviors and replace them with the ability to stay calm and content when indoors, to walk on a loose leash, and to recall immediately regardless of the distraction. Best of all, the methods she used are easy to duplicate at home by adding a few inexpensive tools, such as pinch collars, elevated dog cots and food puzzles. We did choose to purchase new e-collars that Valor K9 recommended because they work so much better with long haired dogs than the ones we’ve had for years that never seemed to work. The new ones are simple to use and very effective, even with just the vibrate setting. Before the training, I never would have considered taking my dogs to get pet pictures with Santa because they would be out of control. This past weekend, we went to see Santa at a small bookstore in town. The dogs were so calm and obedient, and the pictures turned out great! It’s so much fun to take them in dog friendly shops, on long walks/hikes, and especially to let them play off leash in open areas!”

-Tracy A. (Boise)

At the recommendation of a friend, I sent my 13 week GSD to train with Kelsi for a two week puppy head start board and train. I have plans for my pup to be a service dog when she’s older, so I knew she needed a solid foundation early. Kelsi was absolutely wonderful to work with. She willingly answered all of my (many) questions before, during, and after her board and train. Briar came home with phenomenal foundational manners, obedience, and confidence! The included hours of at home lessons make me feel equipped to continue her training myself and to prepare her for future work with Kelsi to grow Briar’s skill set. I truly recommend Valor K9 Academy to anyone no matter what your needs are for your pup! They are well worth the investment.

-Brittany G. (Chattanooga)

I recently had my 3 year old lab do a Board & Train with Taya and the results have exceeded my expectations! Taya did a phenomenal job with my dog. Ellie had some bad manners that needed cleaning up plus we decided to extend training for service dog work and Ellie is doing very well with her tasks! I could have not done the training on my own. I highly recommend Valor K9 & Taya to anyone who needs help with their dog!”

-Lindsay Z. (Boise)

“Samantha is outstanding! She brings equal parts heart and firmness to her training, so we never felt our dog would be unhappy in her board & train. Samantha is very accommodating when you have questions or need some peace of mind about anything from training policies to photos of your dog while she’s away. Coco came home happy, knew all commands, and even learned how to stay calm and quiet in her kennel. This was a success!”

-Heather M. (Boise)

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