Boise Dock Diving

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Article by Trainer Taya Hekking. Taya competes in dock diving with her Golden Retrievers, Boo and Maui! Learn all about the dock diving sport in this fun read. Maybe it's something your dog could excel at! **Note: This is an informational article only. Valor K9 Academy - Boise does not offer dock diving.  Participating in dog sports is a great way [...]

The Sport of K9 Nose Work

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Dogs possesses up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses. That's compared to only about six million in the human nose. Have you ever thought about putting your dog's natural abilities to the ultimate test? What is K9 Nose Work? Nose Work is a fun dog sport for both you and your pup! It is mentally stimulating, can be physically [...]

Preventing injury: Growth plates and exercise for puppies and dogs

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(Article by VK9 Trainer, Samantha Lee, CCFT) Young dogs are full of energy which often leads owners to allow excessive running or play in an effort to get all of their energy out... because who doesn't love a tired puppy. But excessive exercise causes much more harm than good because the joints they use most during exercise are where their growth [...]

All about dog agility training!

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By: Trainer Maria Fell The history of dog agility training Agility began in the 1970’s and has become an increasingly popular dog sport.  Interestingly, agility began as a place-filler and crowd-pleaser in the UK during dog shows.  Coordinators felt a need to fill the gap between Obedience and Breed competitions to keep the audience occupied. The task was brought to a [...]

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