*NEW* Stuffed Kongs!

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Hi Clients! We are adding an optional treat to our Stay and Plays and Board and Trains: Stuffed Kongs! This is something many of our team members were already doing for their doggie guests as a bonus! Stuffed Kongs are a wonderful enrichment activity for dogs that gives them a yummy treat and a mental workout; it's a win-win! Stuffed Kongs [...]

The six best dog food brands for dogs

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Have you ever thought twice about what ingredients are in your dog’s food? While we promote feeding a raw/balanced/fresh diet here at Valor K9 Academy, we understand that feeding raw isn't for everyone. If you feed kibble, here are our top recommended foods. The outside of dog food bags can be very misleading. It is important to always check the ingredients, [...]

Canine Fitness Tip: Healthy Weight

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Did you know April is National Canine Fitness Month? Canine fitness is for EVERY dog: -Puppies -Canine athletes -Pet dogs -and Senior dogs Canine fitness is: -Quality of Life (healthy weight & healthy diet) -Daily physical and mental exercise -Injury prevention Trainer Samantha Lee from Valor K9 Academy's Boise location is very passionate about canine fitness and nutrition. She believes it [...]

In Memory of Odie: What you don’t know about the Rabies K9 Vaccine

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[This article below is written by Gayle Wyche, a longtime client of ours from Spokane, WA. Gayle recently lost her beloved Golden Retriever, Odie. We asked her to share her experience. This article discusses the risks associated with the Rabies K9 Vaccine and what we can do to keep our dogs safe.] When I was asked to share information about the [...]

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