Rudy the Rottweiler

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Rudy is a 10-month-old Rottweiler who's here for boarding & training while his owner has surgery. He's learning to focus on me, walk nicely on leash, stay on the place bed and come when called off leash. Rudy is a quick learner and is doing great with the prong collar paired with the e-collar between levels 3-6 (on the Mini Educator). Here's [...]

Havok’s Story

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Hello Everybody! Of all my dogs, Havok's story has already been pretty well-documented. In fact, I kept a running blog post for the first several months of Havok's life. If you want to read all about his puppy story, click here. I carefully researched German Shepherd breeders for several months and finally made the decision to place a deposit on pick [...]

Guide to Selecting a Good Breeder

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One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, "How do I find a good breeder?" Deciding on a breed is hard. Finding a good breeder, even harder. Good breeders pay special attention to health, temperament, orthopedics, working abilities and more. They are passionate about what they do, and they want nothing more than to better their beloved breed and [...]

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