Breeder Spotlight: Fidelity Farm Labradors in Washington

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We love responsible breeders! And we want to support their good work and the wonderful companions they provide for so many people. In this Breeder Spotlight, we talk to Cindy of Fidelity Farm Labradors in Spokane, WA, about her amazing breeding program. April shares a lot of super interesting information with us about health testing, puppy selections and her family's selfless [...]

Looking to buy a puppy? Here are questions to ask breeders.

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If you’re in the market for a well-bred puppy from a responsible breeder, you need to 1) do your homework to pick a good breeder and then 2) have questions lined up to ensure the breeder is a good fit for you! For help selecting a good breeder, check out our popular article: “Guide to selecting a good breeder“ The following [...]

Breeder Spotlight: Council House Golden Retrievers in Idaho

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Council House Goldens, located northwest of Boise in Council, Idaho, breeds English Cream Golden Retrievers. They are on our short list of recommended breeders. We asked Coleen Goodwin, owner of Council House Goldens, to answer a few questions for us. This is the first in our series of ethical breeder spotlights! Coleen, of all the breeds out there, why did you [...]

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