Ask Your Boise Dog Trainers! Part 2

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You have dog training questions, and we have answers! In this post, we continue asking our Boise Dog Trainers your great questions! Read their answers below. Continued from part 1, we ask commonly asked questions to our Boise Dog Trainers so you can learn their answers! This is a great way to share good information about all-things dog training. 4. Why [...]

6 basic obedience commands dogs should learn

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Dogs love to learn, and it's our job to train them so they can happy, well-behaved members of our families. If you are new to dog training or just got a puppy who needs training, read this! These are the 6 basic commands and behaviors your dog needs to learn (along with links to applicable how-to dog training videos)! 1) Leash [...]

Puppies and Preschool: Training dogs and raising kids

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Raising puppies and raising children have many parallels. When we start recognizing the similarities, many of us (myself included) have that “Ah-ha!” moment of understanding. If you have kids in your life – children of your own, nieces or nephews, or maybe neighbors or friends – then this article may offer you an “Ah-ha!” moment of your own! Early Education and [...]

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