How to properly introduce dogs to a newborn baby

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Hi everyone! Ever since I gave birth to my daughter, Emma, and people have seen how marvelously she and the dogs get along, I've been getting lots of questions about introducing dogs and babies. Here are some tips to help safely introduce dogs to a newborn baby. Keep in mind, this advice does *not* substitute working with a professional trainer. I [...]

5 ways to be a better leader for your dog

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Dogs are pack animals, and as such they thrive under structure, boundaries and leadership. These three concepts are key components in our training philosophy. Let’s talk today about 5 easy ways to become a better leader for your dog. Spoiler alert: In doing so, you’re also going to build a stronger bond with your dog! 1.   Make sure all good things [...]

Five things you can do to protect your dog from other dogs on walks

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The other day I went rollerblading with my German Shepherd, Havok. I can't tell you how many dogs we passed that were reactive, aggressive or uncontrolled. It was rather obnoxious. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your dog from other dogs while on walks. In this blog, I give you FIVE TIPS to do just that! These tips will help you [...]

12 Dog-Friendly Stores in Boise (you probably don’t know about)

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Board and Train student, Beau Are you looking for a dog friendly store? Maybe you have a puppy that needs to be socialized. Or perhaps you have an adult dog who’s trained and you want to proof his obedience around distractions. You probably know that stores like Home Depot and Zamzows are dog-friendly. But this list is different! I [...]

5 small ways to build a better bond with your dog

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One of the questions we get asked a lot is, how do I build a better bond with my dog? Our answer, of course, is training! You’d be amazed at how quickly you can bond with your dog through training. It’s primal, it’s instinctual, and in a dog’s world, it just makes sense! Here are 5 small ways to build a [...]