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Private Lesson Training

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One-on-one training for a lovable, well-behaved dog


Whether you prefer private dog training sessions for the individual attention, the convenience of training around your busy schedule, or because you want to tackle specific training issues in a private setting, we’re here to help you.

Each private lesson is designed to meet your individual goals. We’ll spend the hour focusing on what you want to teach your dog and what problems you want solved. We’ll then give you a personalized homework plan that works for you and your dog.

Sessions last one hour and can be held at your home or in our training school.

Our training rates: four lessons $497, six lessons $697, eight lessons $897. The travel fee for in-home lessons is $1/mile round-trip.

Don’t put off improving your relationship with your dog. Contact Valor Grand Rapids Lead Trainer Julie Richards today to make an appointment or schedule a free consultation: julie@valork9academy.com.


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[distance type=”2″][maxtitle maxtitle_content=”What our clients say about private training!”][distance type=”2″][distance type=”2″][testimonial_slider][testimonial_item name=”Julia Hunter” testimonial_content=”We really enjoyed working with Julie. After only four private lessons, our German Shepherd had completely mastered off leash recall and obedience. Julie’s passion for dog training was so evident from the moment we spoke on the phone. She was available to answer questions and guide me every step of the way. Thank you so much, Julie!”][testimonial_item name=”Torri Pownall” testimonial_content=”Julie has done amazing work with our Golden Retriever-Harlee! Julie has been a huge part of Harlee’s training at Valor K9 from private lessons, basic obedience, to even puppy classes. Julie has been able to shape Harlee as she grows and develops into a smart and obedient dog. Even at Harlee’s most stubbornest point Julie wouldn’t give up! We are so very thankful for all of her hard work and we will greatly miss her! I would recommend Valor K9 and Julie to any who has a dog!”][testimonial_item name=”Kim Arredondo” testimonial_content=”I have had the pleasure of working with Julie for several years. She is truly one in a million. Her passion for dogs is very apparent and now her path to pursue that passion in training is a blessing for anyone that is able to learn from her. She is one of the hardest working individuals I know. She will set the bar high for her clients and their furry friends and will keep the bar even higher for herself. You can expect nothing but the best from Valor.”][testimonial_item name=”Breanna Chance” testimonial_content=”In three short weeks Julie took a sweet but completely unmannered little gal who’d spent several months jumping from shelter to kennel across the country and gave her the confidence and skills to help settle her in our family. She now sits, stays, walks on a treadmill, is amazing on leash, loves her place bed and is getting better with her crate each day. Thank you Julie!!!”][testimonial_item name=”Jill Lamb Fix” testimonial_content=”“Our family recently completed puppy training with Amy. We each learned so much. Having a puppy is not for the faint of heart. For me it was much harder than an infant. Amy gave each of us the tools to train our canine family member. We are so thrilled and impressed. We will be brining him back for additional sessions when he’s older. I highly recommend Amy and Valor K9 Academy. Your pup will thank you and you’ll be a much happier puppy parent. Thank you Amy! You’re amazing.“”][testimonial_item name=”Michelle Fox” testimonial_content=”We have a rescue who is pretty scared of everything. Courtney was great with Moe! He improved so much in just the 6 visits. Courtney is so caring and patient with me.”][testimonial_item name=”Breanne Neal” testimonial_content=”Amy was so helpful with advice about adding a second dog to my home. She really helped me decide what kind of behavior I ultimately wanted and how to get it. I answered her questions and realized my expectations were off. She helped me set realistic boundaries for my dogs and directions on how to do it. She really helped me think about and prevent problems before they started instead of just waiting and reacting to problems. Thank you, Amy!”][testimonial_item name=”Maria Burton” testimonial_content=”Amy did an outstanding job with training our 2 special needs dogs! They have completely changed in only 4 (1hr) private lessons. They are now very well behaved inside the house and can walk on a leash without pulling us over and barking at every little thing. They both will come when called, even when off leash! (Pretty impressive as one of them is deaf) We are excited to continue our training and to attend open agility.”][testimonial_item name=”Sharon Christensen” testimonial_content=”I have two very stubborn Mastiffs and I cannot speak highly enough of Courtney training me to train my dogs. There were definitely moments of wanting to give up, but she was there answering any questions I had and showing me the proper way to train and correct their behavior. We had a breakthrough today and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend Courtney to come into your home and show you how your life can be much happier for you and your fur babies. Thank you so much!!!!!”][testimonial_item name=”Joshua Page” testimonial_content=”We came to Valor K9 after having worked with a local pure positive trainer both in group classes and private sessions. The experience we had after moving to Valor couldn’t have been more different from the previous trainer. The level of expertise, the level of experience, the difference in philosophy, and the availability for on-going drop in training has made our lives with the new pup so much better. When we go to the park I no longer have to worry about having the bad dog that won’t listen. Its a whole new world of freedom and respect! We are having a blast and would encourage all dog owners to join the Valor family. Courtney did such a great job training all of us and we couldn’t be more appreciative. “][testimonial_item name=”David Grimes” testimonial_content=”Very knowledgeable and caring trainers, attention to detail is very evident! Amy is a great trainer of dogs and handlers/owners and I’m extremely thankful for what her and the Valor family has done for me and my pup.”][testimonial_item name=”Courtney Gregor” testimonial_content=”I developed a FB crush on VKA – Spokane after seeing all of the great rehab work they were doing for local rescue organizations. When I unexpectedly found myself with a puppy, I knew just where to go for basic obedience! Amy was fantastic from start to finish. Not only did she work with me and my dog, but also made my 9 year old daughter an integral part of the lessons (who am I kidding, my daughter and Amy did all of the work!). We all gained the confidence necessary to have a great life together and we had a lot of fun along the way. We can’t wait to come back this summer for agility! Thank you so much VKA and doggie helpers. “][testimonial_item name=”Jordan Hall” testimonial_content=”We took our two dogs to see Amy to focus on several different areas before our baby was born. In just a total of 4 hours of private lessons, our dogs had already made great improvements. Not only that, but Amy made sure to give us the tools to help our dogs continue to succeed as well. We highly recommend Valor K9 Academy for anyone who is looking for dog training. We are so thankful!!!”][testimonial_item name=”Annette Miller” testimonial_content=”I’m not sure where to begin with praise for Amy. Both my seven year old mixed rescue, Cricket, and my two year old Giant Schnauzer, Bogey, have excelled with her direction and guidance. We’ve participated in both private and group lessons and I highly recommend either setting. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and confidence working with my dogs, and am grateful for Amy’s positive and personalized methods.”][testimonial_item name=”Cailee Jones” testimonial_content=”I’m not sure where to begin with praise for Amy. Both my seven year old mixed rescue, Cricket, and my two year old Giant Schnauzer, Bogey, have excelled with her direction and guidance. We’ve participated in both private and group lessons and I highly recommend either setting. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and confidence working with my dogs, and am grateful for Amy’s positive and personalized methods.”][testimonial_item name=”Linda Safford” testimonial_content=”We recently moved to Spokane and needed to find training for our feral/rescued shepherd and our Lab mix, who has fear issues related to his own physical disabilities. Amy’s skills are perfectly suited to our dog’s personalities. We’ve made such great progress with our shepherd in obedience and trust/confidence building. We no longer view her as a flight risk, and we’re looking forward to working with Amy to introduce agility next! Thanks so much!”][/testimonial_slider]