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Our Services

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Valor K9 Academy specializes in obedience and behavior rehabilitation training for dogs of all ages and breeds. Our dog training services include: puppy training, family companion obedience, Canine Good Citizen training, therapy dog training and behavior rehabilitation training for aggressive and fearful dogs. Our team of certified, professional trainers offer private in-home training, small group classes and board/train programs for dogs in need of training. We also offer private boarding services for our clients.

[iconbox type=”9″ icon_title=”SMALL GROUP CLASSES” iconbox_content=”Clients enjoy group classes at ValorK9 because we have passionate trainers, a great facility and structured class sessions that give you the most bang for your buck! We spend time getting to know you and your dog, and we keep our classes small so you get plenty of one-on-one training. Our goal is to make group training fun and productive so that we can all reach our training goals together!” icon_link_text=”LEARN MORE” icon_link_url=”https://valork9academy.com/small-group-training/” icon_image=”45″ icon_name=”none”][distance]
[iconbox icon_title=”Private Lesson Training” title_color=”#000000″ iconbox_content=”Private Lesson Training provides one-on-one training that’s uniquely tailored to fit your individual needs and training goals. Obedience training covers Basic to Advanced commands and Mild Rehabilitation Training is for unwanted behaviors such as leash reactivity and separation anxiety. Dogs with serious fear and/or aggression issues are not candidates for Private Lesson Training. If you want one-on-one training, Private Lessons are the way to go!”][distance]
[iconbox type=”9″ icon_title=”OUR BOARD AND TRAIN PROGRAMS” iconbox_content=”Our highly-regarded Board and Train Programs provide world class training for both Obedience and Behavior Rehabilitation Training. Our most popular program, The Good Dog Board and Train, focuses on relationship first and best results through training that’s consistent and fun. Our 30 and 60 Day Rehabilitation Programs are geared towards dogs who struggle with severe fear, anxiety and aggression issues.” icon_link_text=”LEARN MORE” icon_link_url=”https://valork9academy.com/board-and-train-programs/” icon_image=”46″ icon_name=”none”][distance]
[iconbox type=”9″ icon_title=”VIRTUAL TRAINING” iconbox_content=”If you search “Dog Training” online, you’re going to find countless articles and videos on dogs and dog training. There’s so much information floating around on the Internet that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. Erase the guesswork from training and let our Professional Certified Trainers help you! We offer online training to help with everything from obedience training, house breaking, crate training, drive building, rehabilitation training and more. Each online training session lasts 30 minutes and training can be done via FaceTime or Skype.” icon_link_text=”LEARN MORE” icon_link_url=”#” icon_image=”47″ icon_name=”none”][distance]
[iconbox type=”9″ icon_title=”PRIVATE BOARDING” iconbox_content=”While boarding with us, we treat your dog like our own! That means lots of play time, exercise and love. And, of course, we will maintain your dog’s training so you come back to a happy, healthy, well-behaved dog!” icon_link_text=”LEARN MORE” icon_link_url=”#” icon_image=”47″ icon_name=”none”][distance]
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Our Service Areas

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Spokane, WA

Chattanooga, TN

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