Boarding and Daycare

Stay & PlayBoarding

Stay & Play is our private in-home dog boarding program. Instead of putting your dog in a loud and stressful kennel environment, your dogs can stay with us, in our home, and have a stay-cation of their own!

During your dog’s stay, we meet your dog’s needs for physical exercise, mental stimulation and training. We do this through supervised play time, yard time, toy play, treadmill training, place bed training and more. We maintain your dog’s training and send you lots of updates. You come home to a tired, happy, well-behaved dog.

Stay & Play is for training clients only (past and present). Sometimes, we do make exceptions and board non-client dogs provided they are people-friendly, dog-friendly, crate trained and potty trained. But space is limited, so clients take priority! We offer add-on training for any clients who have specific goals that they’d like us to work on with their dog during their stay with us. Openings are based on team member availability. On average each team member takes one or two dogs at a time.

We love opening up our homes to your pets and look forward to boarding your pups for you!


Nightly – $55

Nightly for additional dogs – $40

Holidays* – $10/night extra

Giant dogs** – $10/night extra


Training – $50 for 30 min; $95 for 60 min.

One-on-one exercise*** – $30 for 30 min; $55 for 60 min

Bath – $30

Nail trim – $20

Stuffed Kongs – $4.50/each

Medication – $3/per day

* Holidays include: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Additional fee is for night before and night of holiday.

** Giant dogs meaning dogs 120 pounds or larger. This added fee is to make up for the extra space the dog’s crate takes up in our homes. We sometimes have to turn away reservations due to space constraints.

*** If your dog cannot socialize with other dogs, due to behavioral issues, we require a minimum of 30 minutes added-on daily exercise for your dog to receive one-on-one exercise with team member. Recommended time: 60 minutes per day.

General policies

  1. Minimum stay: The minimum stay is 2 nights. If your dog is only staying for one night, you will be charged for two nights.
  2. Deposits: We require a 50% deposit of boarding total to book a Stay & Play reservation.
  3. Cancellations: Deposit is 100% refundable when cancelled 14+ days before stay. Deposit is 50% refundable when canceled 8-13 days before stay. Deposit is non-refundable when cancelled 0-7 days before stay.
  4. Late fee: Please be on time for drop-offs and pick-ups. Tardiness for drop-offs and pick-ups is charged at a rate of $1/minute.
  5. Earlier pick-ups: If you pick your dog up earlier than planned, your original deposit for the unused nights is not refunded.
  6. Pick-ups and drop-offs: You can expect to drop-off and/or pick-up your dog during normal business hours (which is typically 8am to 8pm). Please do not request early drop-off times (5, 6am) or late pick-up times (10, 11pm). We are working out of our homes and ask that you respect normal business hours. Additionally, some team members do not offer holiday drop-offs and pick-ups.
  7. What to bring: Please plan to bring your dog’s crate, food, training equipment, favorite toy and a few bones for your dog to chew on in the crate. Written feeding instructions are appreciated. If your dog needs medication, please provide instructions for that as well.
  8. Accepted payment: We accept Zelle (to 208-577-0744), credit/debit cards (with added 3.5% card fee) and checks made out to Valor K9 Academy.

To make a reservation…

Please send an email to your VK9 trainer or to our general inbox at Let us know your location, which dogs you need boarding for and the dates.

Thank you for choosing Valor K9 Academy!

Play for a Day

Play for a Day™ is our structured doggie daycare program. It is offered by some of our team members on a case-by-case basis. During Play for a Day, your dog hangs out with us and plays with our pack while you go to work, run errands, etc. The maximum stay period is eight hours. Drop-offs and pick-ups must be during normal business hours (approximately 8am-6pm) and arranged in advance.

Availability is limited. PFAD is for social, crate trained and potty trained for client dogs only.

To inquire, please ask your trainer or contact us via the contact form.


Daily per dog- $40


Training – $50 for 30 min; $95 for 60 min.

Bath – $30

Nail trim – $20

Late fee – $1 per minute


“Amy was so helpful with advice about adding a second dog to my home. She really helped me decide what kind of behavior I wanted ultimately and how to get it. I answered her questions and realized my expectations were off She helped me set realistic boundaries for them and directions for how to do it. She really helped me to think about and prevent problems before they even started instead of just waiting and reacting to problems. Thank you Amy!”

-Breanne Neal

“I can honestly say I have nothing but great praise to lead trainer Dana for all she’s done with training my dog -from the “Puppy Head Start Program” to the virtual training lesson I did to help progress my dog’s obedience. Definitely well worth the money, and I’ll absolutely would do it again within a blink of an eye with my next dog. Very appreciative and thankful.”

-Chris Morris

“This morning I had a 60 minute mentor program phone session with Amy, and it was money and time well spent. She was very open, helpful and through our conversation I had over two pages of notes! I very much appreciated her honesty and she helped me organize my thoughts and create a solid game plan for my goals. I highly recommend using her services if you’re in need of a sounding board for your personal aspirations in the dog world.”

-Samantha Lee

“Exceptional knowledge in all aspects of dog training. Amy and her staff are very professional, kind, and straight forward. They are really good at teaching the humans too (hardest part!!). My relationship with my GSD is strong and healthy thanks to Valor K9! Do not waste your time or money elsewhere.”

-Melissa Kossuth