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Welcome to our Tennessee location home page! Founded in April 2014, Valor K9 Academy – Chattanooga was our first location. We’re going on seven years strong now!

What started as a small, apartment-run business has since grown to become a national company with clients around the world. Our Nooga location offers private lessons, board & train programs and stay & play boarding. Our training specialties include puppy training, on/off leash obedience and behavior rehabilitation for reactive, aggressive and fearful dogs.

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Our Services

Whether you prefer private dog training sessions for the individual attention, the convenience of training around your busy schedule, or because you want to tackle specific training issues in a private setting, we’re here to help you.  Each private lesson is designed to meet your individual goals.  We’ll spend the hour focusing on what you want to teach your dog and the problems you want solved.  We’ll then give you a personalized homework plan so you can practice at home.

Training topics include but are not limited to: puppy training, basic obedience (sit, down, stay, heel, come, place, wait, no), crate training, manners in the house, manners in public places, addressing problem behaviors like counter surfing and reactivity, off leash remote collar training and more!

Lessons are one hour and can be held at your home, the trainer’s home or a public location.  We serve the greater Chattanooga area to include Hixson, Ooltewah, Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, East Ridge, Red Bank and Soddy Daisy. We offer three training packages: four lessons for $600, six lessons for $750 or eight lessons for $900.  There is a small travel fee for in-home lessons.

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Our Programs

Valor K9 Academy’s board & train programs are designed to offer expert dog training for all your needs. From puppy training to basic and advanced off leash obedience, our customized programs get amazing results! Skip the stressful kennel atmosphere, in our program your dog lives with the trainer and receives 1-2 hours of training per day plus exercise, socialization and basic care.

June 28th 2021 update: Our team is growing! Instead of having a 6+ month wait list, we now have board & train openings as soon as August 2021! Book Now!

Puppy Head Start

Allow a professional trainer to jumpstart your puppy’s training the right way. This program focuses on housebreaking, crate training, socialization, basic commands and manners. We give your puppy a solid foundation for future training. Your puppy will learn to love learning and be ready for success as a confident, well-socialized family companion! Private lessons with your puppy’s trainer are included plus an in-home graduation lesson for local clients. For puppies under six months of age.


Field Trips

Introduction to Obedience and Manners:

Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Come
Place, Crate, Impulse Control
House and People Manners
Calm in crate
Walking on treadmill
Marker training


$2300 for 2 weeks
$3000 for 3 weeks

$3700 for 4 weeks

Note: Prices do not include food or training equipment.

Contact Lead Trainer Dana O’Lone Long for more information:

Good Dog Board & Train

Our Good Dog Board & Train program is a comprehensive training program for on/off leash obedience and manners training. Your dog lives with the trainer and is professionally trained with methods tailored to suit each individual dog. We start with foundation training to teach basic commands, then we add a training collar to make sure obedience is reliable at home and in public. We take your dog on field trips to proof training around distractions. We offer two options for this program: The Good Dog Board & Train (3 weeks long) and The Good Dog ADVANCED Board & Train (4 weeks long). This program is for friendly dogs six months of age and older. 

Good Dog Board & Train

Basic Commands:
Focus, Sit, Down, Stay, Heel
Remote Collar Recall:
Come When Called Off Leash
Home Manners:
No Jumping, Counter Surfing, Mouthing etc.
Place Bed Training
Crate Manners
Treadmill Training
Field Trips
Private Training with Owners:
4 Hours including In-Home Graduation Lesson

Good Dog ADVANCED Board & Train

Everything in the Good Dog Program PLUS:

100% off leash remote collar obedience
Three tricks of your choice
Additional field trips
1 more hour of private lesson training


$3300 for 3 weeks

$4300 for 4 weeks

Note: Prices do not include food or training equipment.

Contact Lead Trainer Dana O’Lone Long for more information:

Behavior Rehabilitation Board & Train

This program is designed for dogs with behavior issues such as people aggression, dog aggression, fear issues, leash reactivity, separation anxiety and resource guarding. We start with foundation training to build your dog’s skill set and instill trust, respect & confidence, then we systematically address the dog’s presenting behavior symptoms working towards a behavior rehabilitation solution. We do not use punishment-based, shock-and-awe training. Our methods focus on foundation work to address behavior issues in a fair and humane way. The program also covers basic obedience commands, treadmill training, FitPAWS training and agility. It includes a custom training manual and private lessons with your dog’s lead trainer. For dogs of all ages.

$4497 for four weeks

Note: Price does not include food or training equipment,

Custom Board & Train

This program is designed for dogs with specific training goals such as service dog training, therapy dog training, fitness and weight loss, confidence building, tune-ups and more. We find out what your exact goals are and create a custom training plan for your dog. This program is especially popular for graduates who would benefit from refresher training, and is a great option for owners going on vacation who need a place for their dog to stay! Program includes a custom training manual and private lessons for the owner. For dogs of all ages.

$1000-1200 per week depending on the type of training requested

Note: Price does not include food or training equipment.

Contact Lead Trainer Dana O’Lone Long for more information:

Click here to see our Board & Train FAQ blog post!

From the weekend visit to the multi-week stay, we provide dogs with an exciting and enriching experience!

During their stay, our Stay & Play guests get to play with dog friends, go on long walks, take naps and work with our trainers to achieve the goals on your training wish list. They stay at our team members’ homes, conveniently located in Chattanooga and Signal Mountain, because we believe that a home setting, supervised by our professional staff, is the best setting for dogs versus a kennel environment.

This program is open to current and former training clients. We keep our program small. On average, our staff members house 1-2 dogs at a time.

To request a reservation, please email

$50 per night for the first dog (2 night minimum)

$40 per night for additional dogs

Note: We ask for a 50% deposit for any reservations of 5 nights or more. Deposit is refundable if you need to cancel or reschedule and we’re able to fill your spot with another reservation. Please be on time for your drop-off and pick-up appointments.

Optional add-ons

  • training ($45 per 30 min)
  • bath ($25)
  • nail trim ($15)

Our Training in Action

puppy training no jumping
dog training Chattanooga
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Meet The Trainers

dana long dog trainer

Dana O’Lone Long is the Lead Trainer for Valor K9 Academy – Chattanooga. She was the first student to enroll in our trainer course and joined our team as a professional dog trainer in September 2015.

Dana offers puppy and obedience training and is our go-to behavior rehabilitation specialist for difficult dogs. She is truly a miracle worker! Prior to training, Dana spent 15 years as a veterinary technician and was department head of both neurology/behavior and internal medicine at a pet emergency hospital in Chattanooga.

Dana is an incredible dog trainer and a great person. She enjoys cooking, traveling, running and family. Dana lives in Chattanooga, TN, with her husband, Nick, and their dogs: Charlie, a German Shepherd and Yedi, a Belgian Malinois.

Chattanooga dog behavior training

Meg Rogers is a Trainer with Valor K9 Academy- Chattanooga. We first met Meg in 2014 when she enrolled her dog in our board & train program. Since then she has been a loyal client and in 2018 she joined our team as a Stay & Play Host. We quickly came to appreciate her passion for dogs and invited her to attend our Trainer Course. After nine months of hard work, Meg graduated our trainer course and has been busy ever since with clients.

Meg’s specialties are puppy training and on/off leash obedience for private lessons and board & trains. We are so happy to have such an energetic and caring person on our team. Meg and her husband, Matt, a police officer, have two children and three dogs. They live in Signal Mountain, TN. In her spare time, Meg enjoys running, spending time at the lake and being with family.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Trainer Meg unfortunately has fallen ill with COVID. She is a longterm patient and has not yet recovered. Our prayers are with her and her family!

kelsi long dog trainer

Bio Coming Soon!

brenley merritt dog trainer valor k9 academy

Bio Coming Soon!


“Dana is incredible! She transformed my three-year-old rambunctious and obstinate terrier mix into an obedient, trustworthy companion. I cannot believe the different Dana made in just four weeks! Not only was Dana able to work magic with my dog Luna, but she has been indispensable as a teacher and coach for me, too. She is amazing to work with, offering very thorough and patient explanation and demonstration for every step of the training. She has also remained available even after Luna came home, responding to questions quickly and helpfully. I cannot recommend Dana highly enough.”

-Elin Bunch

“Dana took our wild red-headed girl and taught her to wait patiently for our commands. We were delighted with the positive changes. Moreover, Dana taught us how to lead appropriately, and how to re-set when a command was missed. It’s a much more peaceful household now, without our dog having her spirit diminished.”

-Marni Halvorson

“Meg did an amazing job with our German Shepherd puppy, Roxy, during her four-week puppy head start program. Now, we have a solid foundation upon which we can continue to work. I couldn’t recommend Valor and Meg enough. Roxy came away with a solid understanding of sit, down, place, crate, come and leave it commands, as well as name recognition and eye contact. I don’t have the skills or knowledge to have taught Roxy these things, and I never would have thought I’d enjoy working with her so much. I wouldn’t be able to say that had Meg not established that foundation. If you’re considering the puppy head start program, a stay and play, or one of Valor’s other offerings, I would highly recommend Meg.”

-Michael Ferguson

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Call or Text Dana: 423-827-4172
Email us:
4210 Oakland Terrace, Chattanooga, TN 37415