Virtual Dog Training


Get quality dog training from the comfort of your home. Started in April 2014, our online training program offers convenient virtual training to dog owners around the world. Whether you’re looking for private one-on-one training or small group training, we can help. With Valor K9 Academy – Online, you get access to our incredible lineup of certified, professional trainers for help with all your training needs. Scroll down to find out more!

Online Options

Private training is all about you and your dog! In this program, you work 1-1 with a professional Valor K9 Academy trainer. You tell us your training goals, and we create a plan to put you on the path to success!

No question or problem is too big or too small. We commonly help owners with:

-puppy training
-crate training
-socialization questions
-basic commands like sit, down and stay
-off leash recall using the remote collar
-walking nicely on leash instead of pulling
-the place command
-tricks for mental stimulation
-resource guarding issues
-bad manners at the door
-jumping on guests
-having accidents in the house
-nonstop barking
and more!

Our trainers have thousands of hours of experience training dogs in person, so online training is a breeze! They are all certified through Valor K9 Academy and have worked with puppies and adult dogs of all ages, needs and breeds.

Let our trainers help you get your puppy started on the right paw, problem solve your dog’s unwanted behaviors and teach reliable obedience on and off leash. If you need help training your service dog, we can help with that too!

Lessons are one hour and can be done via Zoom, FaceTime or Facebook Video. We offer the following packages:

1 lesson- $150
4 lessons- $540
6 lessons- $675
8 lessons- $810

Note: We are not currently offering training for aggressive or reactive dogs via online lessons; that training is best done in-person. Please consult with our trainer to pick the best package for you and your dog. There is no additional charge to train multiple dogs with one training package.

Email for more information.

Our virtual Group Classes give you the opportunity to train from the comfort and safety of your home. During this time of quarantine, we are spending more time than ever with our dogs. Let’s make it productive and have fun training! We are currently offering puppy, basic obedience and tricks group classes options with more to come in the future.

6 Week ZOOM Puppy Class

Our virtual Puppy Class is for puppies eight weeks to eight months of age. This fun and engaging puppy class meets once a week for approximately 45 minutes. Each class covers 2-3 basic commands, confidence building and Q&A. Class size is 6-8 puppies. This class will get you and your puppy off to a great start together!

Class cost is $150. We ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit to enroll; balance is due one week before the class starts.

NOW ENROLLING for 6-week puppy class starting Sept 27, 2021, 6pm MT.


8 Week ZOOM Basic Obedience Class

Our virtual Basic Obedience Class is for dogs six months and older. This class teaches a solid training foundation first using positive reinforcement, then we add a training collar to make obedience reliable around distractions. Dogs will learn to focus, sit and stay, down and stay, walk on a loose leash (heel), go to their place bed and stay on it (place command), have good manners around people and other dogs, learn to leave it (impulse control) and learn foundation recall training. It is a fun but challenging class that will get you great results! Class meets once a week for an hour. Class size is 6-8 dogs.

Class cost is $275. We ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit to enroll; balance is due one week before the class starts.

6 Week ZOOM Basic Tricks Class

Tricks are great for mental stimulation! They’re a fun way to challenge your dog and build a bond as a team. We offer basic and advanced tricks classes. Each class is 30 minutes long. You’ll learn how to introduce the clicker and use it to teach one new trick each week. Class size is 4-8 dogs.

Class cost is $90. We ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit to enroll; balance is due one week before the class starts.

We are not currently running group classes. Stay tuned. We may run them fall 2022.

Class cost does not include equipment.

Mentoring is back! After a brief hiatus, VK9 Owner and Head Trainer Amy Pishner is back to offering Mentoring Sessions to other dogs trainers within the dog training community. The goal is to improve dog training as an industry so that dogs and their owners receive better overall training and care throughout their dog training journey. Amy has trained thousands of dogs in her career and has mentored and trained well over 100 dog trainers in her business, shadow program and mentor program.

“What I think a mentor gets is the great satisfaction of helping somebody along, helping somebody take advantage of an opportunity that maybe he or she didn’t have.” – Clint Eastwood

As an aspiring dog trainer, I remember feeling like the dog training community was very closed-off and unwelcoming. This was before the time of social media, and when I reached out to ask for tips and advice most dog trainers ignored my emails and left them unanswered. So I built my business from the ground up with the help of Google and lots of hard work, sweat and determination. I made lots of mistakes along the way, and I want to help others with a passion for dog training avoid those same mistakes.

After taking time off to help my own trainers and support our growing businesses, I am now offering Mentor Sessions again for aspiring and experienced dog trainers. Whether you’re looking for help with:

  • Business Start-up
  • Programs
  • Pricing
  • Website Design
  • Marketing
  • Foundation Training
  • Proper Use of Tools
  • Client Relations
  • Or anything in between

I am here to help! I am only taking trainers on a case-by-case basis and am available Monday through Thursday 1pm to 5pm MT. My rates are as follows: 60 minutes for $300 and 90 minutes for $400.

Please email me at to request to book a session. And keep in mind, throughout your session, I am an open book. I want to help you in every way possible, so I will not hold back any information to help make your dog training passion a success! Please note, due to sometimes spotty reception, sessions are offered as phone calls only.

Our Training in Action


“Amy was so helpful with advice about adding a second dog to my home. She really helped me decide what kind of behavior I wanted ultimately and how to get it. I answered her questions and realized my expectations were off She helped me set realistic boundaries for them and directions for how to do it. She really helped me to think about and prevent problems before they even started instead of just waiting and reacting to problems. Thank you Amy!”

-Breanne Neal

“I can honestly say I have nothing but great praise to lead trainer Dana for all she’s done with training my dog -from the “Puppy Head Start Program” to the virtual training lesson I did to help progress my dog’s obedience. Definitely well worth the money, and I’ll absolutely would do it again within a blink of an eye with my next dog. Very appreciative and thankful.”

-Chris Morris

“This morning I had a 60 minute mentor program phone session with Amy, and it was money and time well spent. She was very open, helpful and through our conversation I had over two pages of notes! I very much appreciated her honesty and she helped me organize my thoughts and create a solid game plan for my goals. I highly recommend using her services if you’re in need of a sounding board for your personal aspirations in the dog world.”

-Samantha Lee

“Exceptional knowledge in all aspects of dog training. Amy and her staff are very professional, kind, and straight forward. They are really good at teaching the humans too (hardest part!!). My relationship with my GSD is strong and healthy thanks to Valor K9! Do not waste your time or money elsewhere.”

-Melissa Kossuth