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Opened in June 2015, Valor K9 Academy offers professional dog training to the greater Spokane area. We provide concierge in-home private training, boarding and board & train services. Our certified trainers specialize in puppies, basic obedience, service dog training and behavior modification. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for you and your dog.

Our Services

Whether you prefer private dog training sessions for the individual attention, the convenience of training around your busy schedule, or because you want to tackle specific training issues in a private setting, we’re here to help you.  Each private lesson is designed to meet your individual goals.  We’ll spend the hour focusing on what you want to teach your dog and the problems you want solved.  We’ll then give you a personalized homework plan so you can practice at home.

Lessons are one hour and can be held at your home or a public location.  We serve the greater Spokane area to include Airway Heights, Medical Lake, Cheney, Spokane, Spokane Valley, Mead, Nine Mile Falls, Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene. We offer three training packages: four lessons for $600, six lessons for $750 or eight lessons for $900.  The travel fee for in-home training is $1/mile round-trip. We accept checks (payable to Valor K9 Academy), Venmo (to Valor-K9-Academy) or Credit/Debit payments (for which there is a 3-3.5% card fee). We do not accept cash payments.

Don’t put off improving your relationship with your dog! Email us today to schedule your free consultation: courtney@valork9academy.com.

Valor K9 Academy’s board & train programs are designed to offer expert dog training for puppies and adult dogs of all ages. From puppy training to basic through advanced off leash obedience, our customized programs get amazing results in a short amount of time! Skip the stressful kennel atmosphere, in our program your dog lives with the trainer and receives 12-15 training sessions per day plus loving care, socialization and exercise.

Puppy Head Start

For puppies 8-24 weeks of age

Allow a professional trainer to jumpstart your puppy’s training! This program focuses on socialization and obedience training plus potty training, crate training, confidence building and manners. We give your puppy a solid foundation for the future. Your puppy will learn to love training and be ready for success as a friendly and obedient family companion for years to come. For puppies under six months of age. Socialization includes new people, places, sights, sounds, surfaces and animals. Obedience training includes introduction to focus, sit/stay, down/stay, heel, come, place, crate, wait and leave it. Confidence building covers FitPAWS, treadmill training and urban agility. Manners includes proper greetings, no jumping, biting or chasing the cat, and appropriate play with other dogs. Program includes private training for the owners and an in-home graduation lesson for local clients.

Two weeks – $2300
Three weeks – $3000
Four weeks – $3700

Prices do not include food or training equipment. Our next opening is January 7th, 2021. Email courtney@valork9academy.com for more information!


Good Dog Board & Train

For dogs 6+ months of age

The Good Dog Board & Train is our most popular program for friendly dogs who need to learn basic commands, off leash recall and manners. In this program, your dog lives with the trainer, and training is completely customized to your individual dog. We start by investing a full week into teaching your dog basic commands using positive reinforcement, relationship-based training and confidence building exercises. During week two, we add a training collar so that your dog’s obedience is reliable both at home and in public around distractions. We also introduce the remote collar for a reliable off leash recall. The final week is our proofing stage where we generalize your dog’s behavior with multiple handlers and in various training locations so that training transfers seamlessly to you, your family, and your home environment. The four week program includes an additional week of training for 100% off leash remote collar obedience and three tricks of your choosing!

Obedience training includes: focus, sit/stay, down/stay, heel with auto-sit, come, place, crate, wait, leave it and no. All obedience is trained to include duration, distance and distractions. Confidence building includes FitPAWS, treadmill training and agility. Manners includes polite greetings, no jumping, begging or chasing the cat, doorbell manners, proper play with other dogs and calm behavior in public. Program includes five hours of private training for the owners and an in-home graduation lesson for local clients.

Three weeks – $3300
Four weeks – $4300

Prices do not include food or training equipment. Email courtney@valork9academy.com for more information!

Custom Board & Train

For dogs of all ages

This program is 100 percent customizable! You tell us what your training goals are, and we’ll work on them! Topics include but are not limited to: obedience brush-up, basic puppy training, remote collar off leash training, socialization with people and dogs, dogs with fear, reactivity, aggression and anxiety issues, service dog training, therapy dog work and more! All dogs and all training goals are welcome. This program includes one hour of private lesson training for the owner for each week the dog is in training. If you are on a budget or want your dog trained for a specific period of time while you’re away on vacation, this is the program for you!

$1,000-1,200 per week depending on type of training requested

Prices do not include food or training equipment. Email courtney@valork9academy.com for more information!

We accept checks (payable to Valor K9 Academy), Venmo (to Valor-K9-Academy) or Credit/Debit payments (for which there is a 3-3.5% card fee). We do not accept cash payments.

Click here to read our Board & Train FAQ blog post!

From the weekend visit to the multi-week stay, we provide dogs with an exciting and enriching experience! During their stay, our Stay & Play guests get to play with dog friends, play fetch, go on long walks, take naps and work with our trainers to achieve the goals on your training wish list. Doggie guests stay at our team members’ homes. We have team members in Spokane, Cheney and Newman Lake. 

This program is open to the public, but priority is given to clients first. Friendly dogs who are crate trained and house broken are welcome. We keep our program small. On average, our staff members house 1-2 dogs at a time. We believe that a comfortable home setting, supervised by professional staff, is the best setting for dogs.

Cost is $50 per night for the first dog and $40 per night for additional dogs. Add-on bath is $25, nail trim is $15 and training is $45 per 30 minutes. Walks, play time, fetch, socialization and owner updates are included at no extra charge. We accept checks (payable to Valor K9 Academy), Venmo (to Valor-K9-Academy) or Credit/Debit payments (for which there is a 3-3.5% card fee). We do not accept cash payments. 

To make a reservation, please email Lead Trainer Courtney Sims at courtney@valork9academy.com. Let us know which dog(s) you’d like to board, if you have a staff member or location preference, and the dates you need boarding. Courtney will send your request out to the team and you will hear back quickly from an available team member.

Our Training in Action

Meet Team Spokane

dog behavior specialist in Spokane



Courtney Sims is the Lead Trainer for Valor K9 Academy – Spokane. She joined our team in October 2017 and was promoted to Lead Trainer in April 2019. Courtney works every day with puppies and dogs needing basic obedience, but her specialty is difficult dogs. She is one of the most patient people you’ll meet and has a knack for dogs who are nervous, fearful, anxious and aggressive. Her work in rehabilitating dogs has saved countless lives and kept good dogs in their homes.

Prior to becoming a dog trainer, Courtney spent a decade working in veterinary medicine as a licensed Veterinary Technician at an Emergency Clinic and an Animal Dermatology Specialty Clinic. She has extensive knowledge as both a Trainer and a Vet Tech, and we feel so blessed to have her on our team!

Courtney was trained and certified by Valor K9 Academy Owner and Head Trainer, Amy Pishner. From August to October 2017, she underwent our grueling 450-hour Trainer Course for certification as a Canine Training Specialist, and since has done Continued Education for Behavior Rehabilitation also under Amy’s tutelage. Courtney is a phenomenal, talented and hard-working trainer who loves the dogs she trains as much as their owners!

Courtney’s hobbies include gardening, exploring and hiking. She lives in Spokane and has two dogs: Pickles, a Boxer mix, and Maverick, a German Shepherd. She also has two cats.

Spokane dog training specialist



Skye Goodwin is a Trainer for Valor K9 Academy – Spokane. She joined our team in June 2019 and worked as a Stay & Play Host while going through our three month, 450-hour Trainer Course. After graduating the course, she became a full-time trainer and has since trained hundreds of dogs.

A dog enthusiast, Skye is also a Certified Canine Training and Behavior Specialist through Starmark Academy School for Dog Trainers. She has attended numerous workshops and seminars over the years, to include our six day Shadow Program. Prior to training dogs, Skye worked at an Animal Hospital where she gained valuable experience handling dogs and working in the veterinary medicine field.

Originally from south Florida, Skye moved to Spokane to work for Valor K9 Academy. Winters here were a bit of a shock for her, but she has since acclimated! We are very fortunate to have Skye on our team. She is a calm and easy-going person with a great work ethic.

Skye lives in Spokane and has two rescue dogs, Ruca and Moose. She enjoys hiking, rollerblading and gardening.

Off leash dog training in Spokane



Maria Fell is a Trainer-in-Training and Stay & Play Host at Valor Spokane. She has been a client since 2017 and joined our team in November 2020. She is a super dedicated dog owner who has attended a variety of our training programs to include our second annual Trainer Retreat. Training is her passion and working for Valor is a dream come true!

Maria has a bachelor degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and Criminal Justice with a minor in Spanish. She has a background in Law Enforcement and most recently worked as a Probation Officer for the Cheney Municipal Court.

We are super excited to have such a passionate, dedicated person on our team. Maria’s specialty will be puppy training. She is being mentored and trained in The VK9 Method by Valor K9 Academy Owner and Head Trainer, Amy Pishner and Lead Trainer, Courtney Sims.

Maria is married to husband, Nick, and together they have two children, Charlee and Hadley. They own a Heeler mix named Oakley and plan to get a Golden Retriever puppy in the near future. They also have a cat and two mini horses. Maria is a longtime Cheney resident. She enjoys training dogs, horseback riding, serving her church and spending time with family & friends.

K9 dog trainers in Spokane



Lex & Dana Silvrants became Stay & Play Hosts in August 2018. For two years they’ve done an exceptional job taking great care of our canine clients and their owners. They go above and beyond to ensure that each dog has a wonderful stay with them, and they get lots of repeat visitors!

This husband and wife team started training with Valor K9 Academy in early 2017 and went all the way through our Advanced Off Leash Obedience Class with both of their dogs! They’re well-informed on The VK9 Method of Training and do a great job maintaining good obedience and manners with their doggie guests. Both Lex & Dana are trained in Canine First Aid & CPR.

Lex has a Bachelor of Nursing degree from Washington State University and is currently a Critical Care Nurse at Kootenai Medical Center in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Dana works as a Program Coordinator at a local manufacturing company. They work opposite shifts, so someone is always home with the dogs. They have a beautiful home with a large fenced yard. Both of their dogs, Neeko, an Australian Shepherd, and Gretty, a Miniature Australian Shepherd, love playing with other dogs.

Lex and Dana were born in Spokane Valley and now reside in Newman Lake. They enjoy renovating their home, hiking with their dogs and playing board games.

K9 training Spokane



Torri and Austin are Stay & Play Hosts for Valor K9 Academy – Spokane. They’ve been clients since 2018 and joined our team in October 2019.

Austin is a student at the University studying Construction Management. Torri has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology: Sports Science from WSU and works as a Nurse Assistant at Sacred Heart Medical Center. They work different shifts, so someone is always home with the dogs.

Raised in Monroe, WA, Austin and Torri now live in Spokane. In their free time, they enjoy doing home projects on their new home, exploring the outdoors and playing with their dogs.

Torri and Austin have two dogs: Harlee, a Golden Retriever, and Grace, a Great Pyrenees / Pyrenean Mastiff. Both are playful, obedient and well-mannered. They love having dog friends over for a visit.

dog trainer in Spokane



Cindy joined our team as a Stay & Play Host in December 2020.

She and her black lab, Lolo, started training with us in 2018. They completed Basic and Intermediate Obedience, passed the Canine Good Citizen test and are now finishing requirements to become a certified Alliance of Therapy Dogs therapy team!

Having graduated from EWU with a degree in Biology, Cindy now works from home as a Biologist for the WA Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Cindy has extensive knowledge on Canine First Aid & CPR. She spent several years working as a Vet Tech at a local vet clinic and at The Pet Emergency Clinic alongside Lead Trainer Courtney Sims.

Cindy and husband, Dezmon, have two girls. Anneliese is 3 and Harper is 2. They also have a horse named Candybar and 2 dogs. Beau is a lab/pit/pointer mix who turns 12 in December. Lolo is a Labrador Retriever who just turned 2. Both dogs are friendly and love to play with other dogs!

The Cole family lives in Spokane Valley near the Plantes Ferry Complex. Their home is on a large 1/2 acre lot that’s completely fenced in with a six foot vinyl fence.

In her free time, Cindy enjoys horseback riding, hiking/camping, snowboarding, training her dogs and DIY home projects.


“I have two very stubborn Mastiffs and I cannot speak highly enough of Courtney training me to train my dogs. There were definitely moments of wanting to give up, but she was there answering any questions I had and showing me the proper way to train and correct their behavior. We had a breakthrough today and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend Courtney to come into your home and show you how your life can be much happier for you and your fur babies. Thank you so much!!!!!”

-Sharon Christensen

“We found Valor K9 during our desperate search for help with our troubled Mini Aussie/ Blue Heeler. I searched all over and kept coming back to Valor. Had it not been for Amy and her phenomenal team at Valor, our girl most likely would have been euthanized. They essentially saved her life all the while changing mine. I am beyond blessed to have taken the leap of faith with Valor and would recommend them to everyone who is seeking help with their dog. Months and months have gone by and Amy still answers our messages for a little help or guidance and has taken our puppies on weekends away when we can’t take them along. I know, without a doubt, they are taken care of and loved just as if they are home.”

-Emily Sandoval

“Best dog trainers ever! Stanley continues to amaze me with the things he has learned and how he is building on the foundation Courtney and Amy taught us. Thank you VK9. Private training has been worth every penny. I’m happy, but more importantly my dog is happier.”

-Chris Seymore

“Amy and Courtney are wonderful to work with. They truly care about the dogs and by extension their owners. We look forward to every sessions and can’t imagine training a GSD puppy without them!”

-Kelli Jones

“I recently had the privilege of attending Valor’s six day April Shadow program.. which far passed my expectations!! It was hands down, the greatest week of my life! Amy is incredibly knowledgeable and was always open to answering every single question I had. She does a great job touching on academics along with getting hands on opportunities to work with different dogs. I didn’t want the week to end! I highly recommend this program to anyone that’s interested at an inside look at dog training or even expanding their skills! The Valor team is also very professional! I loved watching every single one of them work their magic while also providing owners with the information and skills they needed to work with their dogs. From my personal view, Valor holds the safety of EVERY dog at the facility as high priority. There was never a point in my time there that dogs were left to their own devices. Everything is incredibly well managed and every dog was well taken care of. I would never think twice of leaving my own dog with Amy or anyone on the Valor team. Valor K9 is top notch!! Thanks again, Valor, for having me!”

-Traci Swearer

“We have a rescue who is pretty scared of everything. Courtney was great with Moe! He improved so much in just the 6 visits. Courtney is so caring and patient with me.”

-Michelle Fox

“About three months ago I decided my one year old German Shepherd mix was very badly in need of training. After doing research about the companies in Spokane, I decided to contact Valor K9. Since meeting Courtney for the first evaluation I’ve had a great experience and so has my pup Pistol. We’ve done six out of eight lessons so far and he’s a completely different dog at home, in public, and on the leash. Pistol was reactive to dogs and strangers (not aggressive, he was just very excited to meet everyone), was selective about listening, and dragged me around with the leash. Even after the first lesson he was so much better at listening, and he gets so excited when we pull up for training. Thank you so much Valor K9 & Courtney, Pistol and I love working with you guys!”

-Kate Cochran

“Maria was a gem. Very very personable and easy to be around, just the right amount of energy. She communicated very well. We have a lot in common and know many of the same people. We love her!”

-Emily Sandoval

“I cannot say enough positive things about Valor K9 Academy’s Shadow Program. For me, it was a week of pure bliss. The curriculum was expansive and rich; including observing classes (private and group), participating in field trips, participation in bite work, academics, hands-on training, and so much more. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is considering becoming a dog trainer, works in a shelter/rescue group, or even wants to get away from their desk job for a week. Amy was a gracious host and openly shared her training philosophy; she also provided very helpful positive criticism, all of which was greatly appreciated. I am already jealous of the next round of shadow students; if I could I would have stayed forever. Thank you for a dream-come-true kind of week.”

-Sara McCann

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