Spokane Dog Training


Opened in June 2015, Valor K9 Academy – Spokane offers professional dog training to Spokane, WA, and the surrounding areas. We provide concierge in-home private training, small group classes, boarding and board and train services. Our certified trainer specializes in puppies, basic obedience, therapy dogs and service dog training.

We are recommended by…

Path of Hope Rescue, Higher Ground Animal Sanctuary, Furry Farm Rescue, Dog Gone Seattle, Indian Trail Animal Hospital, Regal Veterinary Clinic, Kings Veterinary Clinic, Blackhawk Vet, Northwoods Corsos, Flocks Mini Aussies, Sweet Cream Golden Retrievers, Fidelity Farms Labradors, Tiltonhaus German Shepherds and many more!

Our Spokane Dog Training Services

February 2022 Update: We are not currently booking Private Lessons. This service is being put on hold.

Private lesson training offers an invaluable training opportunity for you and your dog. One-on-one training is done at you and your dog’s pace. This program is great for clients who need special attention or learn better one-on-one. Private lessons are designed for clients who have the time and attention to devote to their dog’s training on a daily and weekly basis.

Dog training topics include: potty training, crate training, basic commands, off leash e-collar training, confidence building, socialization and more! Our team of dog trainers work with puppies and dogs of all ages, breeds and needs, including special needs dogs who are deaf and blind. Dogs who exhibit extreme fear, aggression towards humans and dogs and extreme anxiety are best-suited for the board & train program at our Boise ID location.

Our dog training specialist serves the greater Spokane area including Medical Lake, Cheney, Airway Heights, Spokane and Nine Mile.

Our training packages are as follow:

Bronze Package (six 1-hr lessons) $900
Silver Package (eight 1-hr lessons) $1050
Gold Package (10 1-hr lessons) $1200
Travel fee $1/mile round-trip

Puppy Kindergarten Class

Due to high demand, our puppy classes are back! Come learn with us in a small group atmosphere in a temperature-controlled building where weather isn’t an issue! Our puppy classes cover introduction to basic commands, confidence building, socialization, exposure and manners. This comprehensive 8-week enrollment small group class is everything you need to successfully give your puppy a great start as your furry family member. We are limiting enrollment to 5 puppies per class (and one handler per puppy; no additional family members, sorry!). Class is $300 for eight 1-hr sessions. 50% deposit due to book spot; remaining balance due one week before class starts!

Where: Basin Feed & Supply in Cheney, WA
When: Saturday mornings 9:30am starting February 26th 2022
Who: social dogs only, 6 months of age and under
Cost: $300
Number of dogs per class: 5

*This class is full*

Basic Obedience Class

Get plenty of one-on-one training is our semi-private small group class of just four dogs and their handlers. Your dog will learn engagement, sit/stay and down/stay, recall foundation, heel (walk on loose leash), the place command, manners around people and dogs and leave it! It’s a super comprehensive class. We used to offer this class a dozen times a year and it was always booked well in advance. The curriculum hasn’t changed! Get the best Basic Obedience Class Spokane has to offer. Cost is $400. Deposit of 50% due to book spot, balance due one week before class starts.

Where: Basin Feed & Supply in Cheney, WA
When: Saturday mornings 11am starting February 26th 2022
Who: social dogs only, 6 months of age and older
Cost: $400
Number of dogs per class: 4

*This class is full*

Email maria@valork9academy.com to get on the waiting list for our upcoming small group classes!

Valor K9 Academy’s board and train programs are designed to offer expert dog training for puppies and adult dogs of all ages. From puppy training to basic through advanced off leash obedience, our customized programs get amazing results in a short amount of time! Skip the stressful kennel atmosphere, in our program your dog lives with the trainer and receives 12-15 training sessions per day plus loving care, socialization and exercise.

January 2022 update: We are currently only taking names for puppies waiting to get into our Puppy Head Start Board and Train. We have over 17 dogs on our Good Dog Board and Train waiting list and cannot take any more names for that program.

Puppy Head Start Board and Train

For puppies 8-24 weeks of age

Allow a professional trainer to jump start your puppy’s training! This program focuses on socialization and obedience training plus potty training, crate training, confidence building and manners. We give your puppy a solid foundation for the future. Your puppy will learn to love training and be ready for success as a friendly and obedient family companion for years to come. For puppies under six months of age. Socialization includes new people, places, sights, sounds, surfaces and animals. Obedience training includes introduction to focus, sit/stay, down/stay, heel, come, place, crate, wait and leave it. Confidence building covers FitPAWS, treadmill training and urban agility. Manners includes proper greetings, no jumping, biting or chasing the cat, and appropriate play with other dogs. Program includes private training for the owners and an in-home graduation lesson for local clients.

Two weeks – $2500
Three weeks – $3300
Four weeks – $4000

Prices do not include food or training equipment. 

Good Dog Board and Train

For dogs 6+ months of age

The Good Dog Board and Train is our most popular program for friendly dogs who need to learn basic commands, off leash recall and manners. In this program, your dog lives with the trainer, and training is completely customized to your individual dog.

We start by investing a full week into teaching your dog basic commands using positive reinforcement, relationship-based training and confidence building exercises. During week two, we add a training collar so that your dog’s obedience is reliable both at home and in public around distractions. We also introduce the remote collar for a reliable off leash recall. The final week is our proofing stage where we generalize your dog’s behavior with multiple handlers and in various training locations so that training transfers seamlessly to you, your family, and your home environment. The four week program includes an additional week of training for 100% off leash remote collar obedience and three tricks of your choosing!

Dog obedience training includes: focus, sit/stay, down/stay, heel with auto-sit, come, place, crate, wait, leave it and no. All obedience is trained to include duration, distance and distractions. Confidence building includes FitPAWS, treadmill training and agility. Manners includes polite greetings, no jumping, begging or chasing the cat, doorbell manners, proper play with other dogs and calm behavior in public. Program includes five hours of private training for the owners and an in-home graduation lesson for local clients.

Three weeks – $3550
Four weeks – $4650

Prices do not include food or training equipment. 

Due to high demand and limited availability, this program is now ONLY being offered to puppies who attended the Puppy Head Start Board and Train. We regret that we cannot train all the dogs who come to us for training and want to make sure we can train from start to finish those who start with us as puppies. Thank you for understanding.

From the weekend visit to the multi-week stay, we provide dogs with an exciting and enriching experience! During their stay, our Stay and Play guests get to play with dog friends, play fetch, go on long walks, take naps, work with our team to achieve the goals on your training wish list… Doggie guests stay at our team members’ homes. We have team members in Cheney and Spokane.

This program is open to the public, but priority is given to clients first. Friendly dogs who are crate trained and house broken are welcome. We keep our program small. On average, our staff members house 1-2 dogs at a time. We believe that a comfortable home setting, supervised by professional staff, is the best setting for dogs.

Cost is $55 per night for the first dog and $40 per night for additional dogs. Add-on bath is $30, nail trim is $20 and training is $47.50 per 30 minutes.

Walks, play time, fetch, socialization and owner updates are included at no extra charge.

To make a reservation, please email info@valork9academy.com. Tell us your dog’s name, age and social status (if your dog is friendly with people and other dogs or not) and the dates you need boarding. Please note- we typically book several weeks or months in advance so plan ahead if possible.

For past and current client dogs only. All dogs must be crate trained and friendly; no aggressive dogs.

Our Training in Action

Spokane German Shepherd puppy training
agility training spokane
Rottweiler puppy leash training

Meet Team Spokane

maria fell dog trainer bio



Maria Fell is a Trainer at Valor K9 Academy – Spokane dog training. She became a client in 2017 and joined our team as a trainer in November 2020. Maria has a bachelor degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and Criminal Justice with a minor in Spanish. She has a background in Law Enforcement and most recently worked as a Probation Officer for the Cheney Municipal Court. Maria’s specialty is puppy and general obedience training.

cody and sam duval


Cody and Sam have been clients with Valor K9 Academy since September 2018. They are both from Spokane, WA, and graduated high school together from East Valley High School. Cody is a U.S. Navy Veteran who is currently attending EWU for a degree in Forensic Science. Sam is a Registered Nurse with a bachelors degree from WSU. She currently works from home as a Performance Improvement Coordinator for LHC Group Inc, so someone is always home with the pups! One of their hobbies since moving in is home renovation. They also enjoy spending time outside with their dogs and hiking.

Cody and Sam have lived in their Spokane Valley home since 2019. They have two dog rooms and a large fenced-in backyard. They have 3 dogs: Finnley, Nala and Mazer.

We have a very long wait list, but regrettably we absolutely do NOT recommend any other trainers in the Spokane area. There are no other trainers in Spokane who offer quality training using a fair and balanced approach.


“Maria was a gem. Very very personable and easy to be around, just the right amount of energy. She communicated very well. We have a lot in common and know many of the same people. We love her!”

-Emily S.

Maria had my 11 month old golden retriever pup for a 3-week good dog board and train. Before, my dog had difficulty focusing, pulled on leash, and was just overall a rowdy, goofy pup. He is still a rowdy, goofy pup, but now he is POLITE, and does not pull on leash. He focuses so much better. Thank you Maria! The difference is night and day!

-Luann H.

“I cannot say enough positive things about Valor K9 Academy’s Spokane dog training Shadow Program. For me, it was a week of pure bliss. The curriculum was expansive and rich; including observing classes (private and group), participating in field trips, participation in bite work, academics, hands-on training, and so much more. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is considering becoming a dog trainer, works in a shelter/rescue group, or even wants to get away from their desk job for a week. Amy was a gracious host and openly shared her training philosophy; she also provided very helpful positive criticism, all of which was greatly appreciated. I am already jealous of the next round of shadow students; if I could I would have stayed forever. Thank you for a dream-come-true kind of week.”

-Sara M.

If I could give more than 5 stars I would! I just have to say how wonderful trainer Jenna is! We picked up our German Shepherd puppy yesterday from Valor K9’s puppy head start 4 week board and train program. She is a totally different dog now then when we left her there – and it is all thanks to Jenna! She is amazing and in my opinion is one the best parts of Valor! She has not only been wonderful to our puppy and trained her on everything that was included in the board and train program but more! She has been so nice to our family and went the extra mile to help with our 8 year old son in the training. Since our puppy is our son’s dog the most important thing to us was to have her listen and respect him. Jenna not only went above and beyond in making her perfect for our family, but she now not only loves our son, she totally respects him on all of the commands he gives her! Thank you so much to Amy for helping us thru this process. Not only did you help us find the perfect breeder, but you sent Jenna our way too and she is truly an angel! I want everyone in the world to know just how wonderful this program is and how much these people at Valor really care about the dogs they train AND their owners as well!


We have worked with Valor K9 for a few years. We recently did a puppy head start board and train with Maria with our very energetic German Shorthair, Bo. What a difference the few weeks made for Bo, and what a difference it is for her to identify for our family the structure and work we need to do daily/weekly in order to help set Bo up for success as he continues to mature. We plan to do more, because what a difference it makes to have well behaved dogs. Definitely worth the investment.

-Shantel N.

I recently had the privilege of attending Valor’s six day April Shadow program.. which far passed my expectations!! It was hands down, the greatest week of my life! Amy is incredibly knowledgeable and was always open to answering every single question I had. She does a great job touching on academics along with getting hands on opportunities to work with different dogs. I didn’t want the week to end! I highly recommend this program to anyone that’s interested at an inside look at dog training or even expanding their skills! The Valor team is also very professional! I loved watching every single one of them work their magic while also providing owners with the information and skills they needed to work with their dogs. From my personal view, Valor holds the safety of EVERY dog at the facility as high priority. There was never a point in my time there that dogs were left to their own devices. Everything is incredibly well managed and every dog was well taken care of. I would never think twice of leaving my own dog with Amy or anyone on the Valor team. Valor K9 is top notch!! Thanks again, Valor, for having me!

-Traci S.

“I will give you all 10 Stars for your performance & guidance in training my very strong willed dog.1/2 Siberian Husky, 1/2 Korean Jindo, both breeds are very strong willed. Within a matter of weeks my dog will now come on command & automatically sit. Heel by my side without the Husky pull. Stay when I tell her for as long as I don’t say free, which has opened other commands such as lay down, sit up pretty, stand up tall, shake hands – right or left. Roll over – right or left. Speak, crawl, come into a protect stance, come into a heal side stance, play dead which I changed to sleep. She will also do a perimeter check inside the house. Plus many more commands.”

-Nick M.