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Founded in 2014, Valor K9 Academy provides professional dog training for dogs of all ages, needs and breeds. We specialize in puppy training, on and off leash obedience, service dogs and behavior rehabilitation training for difficult dogs. Our training services include: private training, group classes, boarding and boarding with training. We have three locations across the United States and also offer online training for long-distance clients. Whatever your training goals are, we’re here to help! Contact us today and sign up for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Valor K9 Academy has trained thousands of dogs over the past six years. Our standard is excellence, and our goal is to help you exceed your training objectives. We always customize our training to best-fit dogs as individuals, and we work with you to make sure your dog’s training is successful and long-lasting. We believe word-of-mouth and referrals are the best ways to get new clients, and we will work hard to make you happy! We have a long list of satisfied clients and hundreds of 5-star reviews!


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*Customized methods
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Giving Back

Here at Valor K9 Academy, we’re all about giving back to the communities that support us. Since our start in 2014, we’ve donated over $45,000 in training to local animal rescue groups, shelters, charitable organizations and military veterans in our communities.

What Others Say About Us

“We worked with Trainer Dana for puppy kindergarten and basic obedience and we loved every second of it! There are so many tiny things that we didn’t think about before training our dog and now we are well on the way to a well behaved, well adjusted dog! Dana has so much knowledge and shares it all in an easy to understand way. The learning progresses logically and she customizes the learning in private lessons to what you and your dog need. I would HIGHLY recommend Valor K9 Academy for dog training for any level.”

-Allison Aubrey

“Me and my dog Zinnia have had a great experience with Valor over the last year. Zinnia started with puppy classes, moved on to basic obedience training and finally a few sessions of private training with Trainer Jenna. Everything has been wonderful and I constantly get comments about how well behaved my dog is. After our foundation of training as a puppy and basic obedience it was great to see those skills come into play during our personal training sessions. Jenna is wonderful to work with, super responsive, structured, understanding and great with Zinnia. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ all the way!”

-Emily Kanally

“We found Valor K9 during our desperate search for help with our troubled Mini Aussie/ Blue Heeler. I searched all over and kept coming back to Valor. Had it not been for Amy and her phenomenal team at Valor, our girl most likely would have been euthanized. They essentially saved her life all the while changing mine. I am beyond blessed to have taken the leap of faith with Valor and would recommend them to everyone who is seeking help with their dog. Months and months have gone by and Amy still answers our messages for a little help or guidance and has taken our puppies on weekends away when we can’t take them along. I know, without a doubt, they are taken care of and loved just as if they are home.”

-Emily Sandoval

“If I could give more than 5 stars I would! I just have to say how wonderful trainer Jenna is! We picked up our German Shepherd puppy yesterday from Valor K9’s puppy head start 4 week board and train program. She is a totally different dog now then when we left her there – and it is all thanks to Jenna! Jenna is amazing and in my opinion she is one the best parts of Valor! She has not only been wonderful to our puppy and trained her on everything that was included in the board and train program but more! She has been so nice to our family and went the extra mile to help with our 8 year old son in the training. Since our puppy is our son’s dog the most important thing to us was to have her listen and respect him. Jenna not only went above and beyond in making her perfect for our family, but she now not only loves our son, she totally respects him on all of the commands he gives her! Thank you so much to Amy for helping us through this process. Not only did you help us find the perfect breeder, but you sent Jenna our way too and she is truly an angel! I want everyone in the world to know just how wonderful this program is and how much these people at Valor really care about the dogs they train AND their owners as well!”

-Lacy McNair

“Best dog trainers ever! Stanley continues to amaze me with the things he has learned and how he is building on the foundation Courtney and Amy taught us. Thank you VK9. Private training has been worth every penny. I’m happy, but more importantly my dog is happier.”

-Chris Seymore

“Valor K9 will transform the relationship you have with your dog for the better. Whether you’re looking for obedience training or rehab for reactivity, Valor provides the skills and knowledge to help you and your canine companion. We adopted our dog, Max, a few months ago from a local shelter. He needed help in just about everything imaginable—he was a blank slate (and also a hot mess!). We began working with him that first month before Basic Obedience began, on potty training, crate manners, and exposing him to new people and situations—simple stuff to get us all in the training mindset for when we started lessons. By the time we finished the 8 week course (which he passed!), he was able to sit/stay, down/stay, come, place (with distractions), leave it, and demonstrate manners around people and other dogs. He’s gone from this wild pup to the most obedient dog I’ve ever owned. This is all due to Valor and their commitment to excellence and setting the bar high. We are also taking private lessons to catch him up on his socialization around new people and situations, and I can’t stress the value of adding private lessons onto the group classes for dogs that need that extra bit of help. Valor is the real deal. They’re not only training your dog, they’re giving you the tools you need to train your dog, and that’s a gift that stays with you long after the classes have ended. Highly, HIGHLY recommended.”

-Nicole Williams

“I recently had the privilege of attending Valor’s six day April Shadow program.. which far passed my expectations!! It was hands down, the greatest week of my life! Amy is incredibly knowledgeable and was always open to answering every single question I had. She does a great job touching on academics along with getting hands on opportunities to work with different dogs. I didn’t want the week to end! I highly recommend this program to anyone that’s interested at an inside look at dog training or even expanding their skills! The Valor team is also very professional! I loved watching every single one of them work their magic while also providing owners with the information and skills they needed to work with their dogs. From my personal view, Valor holds the safety of EVERY dog at the facility as high priority. There was never a point in my time there that dogs were left to their own devices. Everything is incredibly well managed and every dog was well taken care of. I would never think twice of leaving my own dog with Amy or anyone on the Valor team. Valor K9 is top notch!! Thanks again, Valor, for having me!”

-Traci Swearer

“I can not give a high enough review to Valor K9. My puppy Moto started training with Amy at 5 months old. Under the expert guidance of Valor K9 he has become a confident happy puppy. He has overcome his fear of dogs and people and is well on his way to becoming a great dog. We will continue to train with Amy until we run out of classes to take!!”

-Tabetha Vinson

“About three months ago I decided my one year old German Shepherd mix was very badly in need of training. After doing research about the companies in Spokane, I decided to contact Valor K9. Since meeting Courtney for the first evaluation I’ve had a great experience and so has my pup Pistol. We’ve done six out of eight lessons so far and he’s a completely different dog at home, in public, and on the leash. Pistol was reactive to dogs and strangers (not aggressive, he was just very excited to meet everyone), was selective about listening, and dragged me around with the leash. Even after the first lesson he was so much better at listening, and he gets so excited when we pull up for training. Thank you so much Valor K9 & Courtney, Pistol and I love working with you guys!”

-Kate Cochran

“We started taking our puppy here for kindergarten at 15 weeks old, she is 6 months now and soon starting the basic obedience course. After 4 private lessons with Jenna, our Lucy is so well mannered. Today we hosted Easter brunch and are so impressed with how well Lucy did! No jumping or begging and she was friendly with all of our guests. Nothing but good things to say about Valor and Trainer Jenna!”

-Taylor Loehlein

“I have two very stubborn Mastiffs and I cannot speak highly enough of Courtney training me to train my dogs. There were definitely moments of wanting to give up, but she was there answering any questions I had and showing me the proper way to train and correct their behavior. We had a breakthrough today and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend Courtney to come into your home and show you how your life can be much happier for you and your fur babies. Thank you so much!!!!!”

-Sharon Christensen

“I cannot say enough positive things about Valor K9 Academy’s Shadow Program. For me, it was a week of pure bliss. The curriculum was expansive and rich; including observing classes (private and group), participating in field trips, participation in bite work, academics, hands-on training, and so much more. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is considering becoming a dog trainer, works in a shelter/rescue group, or even wants to get away from their desk job for a week. Amy was a gracious host and openly shared her training philosophy; she also provided very helpful positive criticism, all of which was greatly appreciated. I am already jealous of the next round of shadow students; if I could I would have stayed forever. Thank you for a dream-come-true kind of week.”

-Sara McCann

“We were referred to Valor K9 Academy by our vet to help work with our reactive Boston Terrier, Norman. Dana was absolutely wonderful!! After private lessons, Norman is like a whole new dog! The lessons each week came with small goals that added up to big changes. If you’re looking for guidance with your dog’s training, I can’t recommend Valor K9 and Dana highly enough!”

-Kristen Stanfill

“Meg did such a great job with our German Shepherd puppy, Roxy. We wanted to establish a foundation for Roxy that would set us up to thrive, so we got in touch with Meg. The first two weeks of her program set us all up for success. My wife and I could not believe the progress Roxy had made. She is young, but she left knowing sit, down, place, wait, and more. The next half of the program solidified the lessons she had already learned. Now, after four weeks, Roxy is doing so well. She’s still a puppy, but we’re having a much easier time than we did with our first dog. We couldn’t be more thankful for what Meg did with Roxy. It is so important to have that foundation, and I wasn’t confident that I could do it. But Meg did. Thanks Meg and Valor!”

-Michael Ferguson

“Amy is sensitive to both dogs and their owners, an ability that is so crucial in what she does at Valor K9 Academy. I am so thankful that I found her, someone equally capable and dedicated, to help my dog work through his issues. I recommend Valor K9 to anyone looking for professionalism and knowledge in the field of dog behavior.”

-Lily Crytser

“We recently invested in the 8 lesson in-home obedience training with Valor K9 Academy in Spokane, WA. Having two 1 year old sibling American Bullies, our family felt that in-home training would probably serve better as our pups weight about 150 lbs a piece and can be quite intimidating. We had an initial call with one of Valor K9’s trainers named Skye. She was selected to work with us and our dogs and wanted to reach out to have an initial phone consultation to discuss our goals and objectives. Soon after, we participated in 8 in-home sessions and we could not be happier. Skye was not only well-suited to facilitate the training, she was open to working on action items that we were interested in addressing from week to week. Skye is not only very knowledgeable about canines and training practices, but also very passionate and patient which was a complete breath of fresh air as opposed to other trainers I had used for previous dogs of ours. If you are looking to work with one of Spokane’s top canine trainers who will work with you to establish a customer training package that is, if followed, 100% fail proof I would recommend giving Skye at Valor K9 a call. Hands down the best training experience we have had.”

-Jason Shipley

“We worked Skye and she did such a great job making sure we understood what we needed to do so we could communicate effectively with Denali. Denali has made leaps and bounds in her long-distance recall, proper heel position, manners when meeting other dogs or when people come to the door and so many other things. More importantly I feel I have a foundation to work on other behaviors. It was definitely worth the hour commute to Medical Lake and I certainly know that Denali is better because of it.”

-Alyse Baughan

“Valor K9 did an amazing job with our dog Wally. He knew some basic commands already (sit, stay) but there were a few habits he had around barking at dogs on TV and tugging on his leash that were hard to break. Meg (our trainer) asked us to create a wish list of things we’d like her to work on with him as a part of their “Good Dog” board and train program. She surpassed our expectations and took care of what was on our list. She even trained him to use the treadmill and walk himself! Who knew?! It’s still early since we’ve gotten him back home but we like the progress we’ve seen so far and would recommend Valor K9 Academy to anyone looking for a trainer!”

-Katie Box

“This company and their results are the REAL DEAL!! I have an entirely different dog. She can walk on a leash with me now, she isn’t barking at cars or lunging at people. She responds to every command. But more importantly, I have become a better dog parent with their coaching and training. When I need help, Jenna responds to my texts quickly and gives me tips and tricks for a better result. I can’t thank them enough Remi, and I are so happy, and I greatly appreciate K9 Valor Academy!!”

-Michelle Oliver

“We’ve had Tilda back for a week now. So many positive changes. She’s responsive, obedient, and is in control of herself around strangers, and other dogs. I took her to Home Depot yesterday and she behaved perfectly. From psycho to chill in four short weeks! Thanks, Jenna!”

-Paul Flentge