About Amy Pishner

Amy Pishner is the Owner and Head Trainer of Valor K9 Academy. Over the past 10 years, Amy has trained thousands of dogs in various settings and she has mentored over 100 dog trainers. She is triple certified by The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, Vohne Liche Kennels and Starmark Academy. She dances like Elaine Benis from Seinfeld.

Boise Puppy Training

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We are Valor K9 Academy dog training located in Horseshoe Bend and serving the greater Treasure Valley Idaho area! Founded and run by veterans, we specialize in puppy training, family dog obedience, and service dog training. We work with dogs of all ages and breeds. Our services include private lessons, boarding, and board training. Our most popular program is the Puppy [...]

We’re hiring: Boise dog trainers

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About us Founded in 2014 Veteran owned All breed training Valor K9 Academy was founded in 2014 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A second location in Spokane was opened in 2015, and a third location in Boise was opened in 2019. Valor K9 Academy was named the Idaho Small Business of the Month in March of 2022. Here at Valor K9 Academy, we [...]

Puppy Head Start™ Board & Train (FAQ)

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In this post, I want to highlight our Puppy Head Start™ Board & Train program and answer common questions about it. This is our most popular puppy training program, and it's been a big success since 2014! The Puppy Head Start program is all-inclusive. We work on crate training and potty training, introduce basic obedience commands, work on manners and provide [...]

How to find a good dog trainer: 7 key traits all good dog trainers have in common

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Dog trainers are a dime a dozen. Good dog trainers are far and few between. So what should you look for when you're looking for a dog trainer? Here are 7 key traits all good dog trainers have in common. 1. Good dog trainers have experience. In any industry, experience is the best teacher. Big or small, we learn something from [...]

What reputable dog breeders have in common

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I recently posted the following on social media: You won't see a well-bred purebred dog in the shelter. Why? Because well-bred dogs come from reputable breeders. And reputable breeders ALWAYS take their dogs back. This sparked a great discussion and some backlash from people saying that purebred dogs end up in the shelter all the time. Yes, they do. But I [...]

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