New Puppy Training Tips

Whether you are preparing for a new puppy or you just welcomed a new puppy into your home, this blog post is for you! Bringing home a new puppy is a lot of work, so our goal is to set you up for success by working smarter not harder. Here are five down-and-dirty tips for training your new puppy! 1. Hand [...]

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Puppies and Preschool: Training dogs and raising kids

Raising puppies and raising children have many parallels. When we start recognizing the similarities, many of us (myself included) have that “Ah-ha!” moment of understanding. If you have kids in your life – children of your own, nieces or nephews, or maybe neighbors or friends – then this article may offer you an “Ah-ha!” moment of your own! Early Education and [...]

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New puppy checklist: toys, treats, supplies and more

Congratulations on your new puppy! Getting a puppy is exciting and a big responsibility. To set you up for success with your new pal, here is a new puppy checklist so you can buy the right toys, treats and supplies for your furry friend! 1. Puppy crate First things first, you need to buy a crate. Crate training is the key [...]

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Winter activities and gift ideas for your dog

Winter is here! The time of year when daylight is shorter, the weather is unpredictable and no one wants to exercise their dogs outdoors when it’s cold, windy, raining or snowing. All in all, this usually presents challenges when it comes to meeting your dog’s daily mental and physical exercise needs. It's also Christmas time, and some of you might be [...]

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Meet Dog Trainer Brenley Merritt!

Meet the dog trainer! Brenley Merritt is one of our newer dog trainers at Valor K9 Academy - Chattanooga. She's awesome and has been well-loved by her clients so far! Get to know Brenley better in this fun interview! 1. What’s your favorite food? My favorite food is a Flank Steak. Specifically, when my Dad cooks the Flank Steak. He makes [...]

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