Our Simplified Marker System

To better set our clients and their dogs up for success, we have simplified our Marker System from 4 marker words to 3 marker words. We are confident we will get the same great results while making things simpler and easier for our clients to learn and maintain in the training process. Markers are words or sounds used to communicate or [...]

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The Sport of K9 Nose Work

Article by Trainer-in-Training, Kelsi Long All dogs know how to use their nose, it’s an instinct they’re born with; but have you ever thought about putting that instinct to the ultimate test? Nose Work is a fun dog sport for both you and your pup! It is mentally stimulating, can be physically challenging, very rewarding for your dog and relies 100% [...]

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What you need to know about BLOAT

Article by Brenley Merritt, Trainer-in-Training for Valor K9 Academy - Chattanooga There are plenty of emergencies your dog may have, but bloating is one of the deadliest. This condition can emerge rapidly and without warning. We want to make sure you know more about this dangerous canine condition so you can respond accordingly and possibly save your dog's life! What is [...]

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Breeder Spotlight: Flocks Mini Aussies in Otis Orchards, WA

In this article, we interview Dave Flock and the Flock Family from Flocks Mini Aussies in Otis Orchards, Washington. Years ago when we opened Valor K9 Academy in Spokane, the Flocks reached out. They were excited about having a reputable trainer at their disposal for their clients and wanted to meet us in person before recommending us. (We love that!) Over [...]

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