In this post, I want to highlight our Puppy Head Start™ Board & Train program and answer common questions about it. This is our most popular puppy training program, and it’s been a big success since 2014!

The Puppy Head Start program is all-inclusive. We work on crate training and potty training, introduce basic obedience commands, work on manners and provide puppies with quality socialization & exposure opportunities. This creates active learners who are confident and enjoyable to be around.

Puppy training is hard work. We help do the heavy lifting for you!

Frequently asked questions:

1. Where does my puppy stay?

Your puppy stays with the trainer in her home. Your puppy is a part of our pack and family.

2. How many dogs do trainers take at one time?

Typically, one or two board & trains at a time. We keep our program small. Quality over quantity!

3. How often does my puppy train?

We do 10-15 training sessions each day. These are anywhere from two to 10 minutes in length depending on the puppy’s age and what we’re working on. Field trips, play sessions and cuddles are in addition to this!

4. Does my puppy get to socialize with other dogs?

Yes! We introduce puppies to other puppies and/or calm adult dogs in our pack. This makes socialization positive and fun for your puppy.

5. Which commands do puppies learn?

Their name, sit – stay, down – stay, intro to heel, intro to place, recall training, leave it, crate and our marker words (good, no and free). We also teach a number of default behaviors and skills that don’t have verbal commands associated with them.

6. Do you help with jumping and play biting?

Yes. We help reduce or eliminate any unwanted behaviors like barking in the crate, jumping on people and other dogs, play biting and grabbing hands, shirts, pants, hair etc. We teach puppies to be well-mannered.

7. Do you train the owners?

Yes, we include a series of lessons for you during, at the end of and after the board & train is over.

8. Can we see our puppy during training?

We send photo and video updates, and we include a lesson at the two-week point for the 3, 4 and 8-week options. Your puppy is in good hands with us, and you’ll never feel out-of-the-loop or unsure of how your puppy is doing.

9. Can kids come to the training?

Yes, the whole family is welcome!

10. What age do you recommend starting puppy training?

Ten to 12 weeks of age is ideal to begin training.

Please fill out the Training Application on our contact page if you’re interested in a puppy board & train for your puppy. One of our trainers will be in touch with you!

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