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Opened in June 2019, Valor K9 Academy – Boise dog training specializes in puppy training, obedience, therapy and service dog training. We offer Service Dog Training in the following categories: PTSD/TBI Dogs, Mobility Dogs, Medical Dogs and Service Dogs for Children with Autism. Our services are offered for a variety of people across the country. We offer private in-home dog training lessons, immersion board & trains programs and stay & play boarding services.

All dogs are welcome! We serve Boise, Idaho, & the Treasure Valley and beyond. Contact us today to schedule a consultation evaluation with one of our certified, professional dog trainers.

Our Company

Valor K9 Academy® is a veteran-owned and operated small business. We opened our first location in April 2014, and now we have three locations nationwide and an online training program. Over the past seven years, we’ve trained 4,500 dogs. Our team of professional dog trainers use a balanced and fully customized approach to training. We focus on training dogs and teaching their owners. Check out our 100+ videos on YouTube and more than 350 5-star reviews online.

We train all dogs, big and small. Let us help bring out the best in your dog today!


*Puppy Training
*Obedience Training
*Service Dog Training
*Therapy Dog Training
*High Drive Working Dogs
*Fear/Aggression Rehabilitation
*Deaf/Blind Dogs

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Our Boise Dog Training Services

Private lesson training is customized training in a location of your choosing.  We will meet you in your home, workplace, public area or other locations.  Private lessons are ideal for general obedience, puppy training, socialization, service and therapy dogs, mild rehabilitation and many others.

The benefit with private lessons is working one-on-one with your trainer.  Together you’ll identify the goals you would like to achieve with your dog, then your trainer will develop a specialized training plan to meet those goals. The level of skill, commands or goals you want to achieve will determine how many lessons you’ll need.

At the end of each lesson, our clients receive thorough, written take home tasks.  They have access to the trainer to get immediate feedback between lessons, access to how-to videos and additional resources such as nutrition and exercise information.

Our clients achieve great results from this program and enjoy the flexibility it allows them.

4 lessons- $600
6 lessons- $750
8 lessons- $900
Travel fee- $1/mile
Consultation- $100/credited towards training

Each dog training lesson is one hour. We serve the greater Boise area including Eagle, Nampa, Star, Meridian, Kuna and Caldwell, Idaho.

Email to get started!

Are you looking for a safe place for your dog to stay while you’re away? In our Stay & Play program, your dog will be not only safe but well-cared-for and fulfilled. This in-home boarding program is designed with you and your dog in mind. We give them a vacation of their own while you’re away!

Unlike loud, chaotic kennel facilities where dogs are left in dirty runs or unsupervised overnight, we take great pride in the way we treat all the dogs in our care. They get to exercise, play with dog friends and if they’re really lucky, they get to help us teach lessons as our “demo dogs.”

We typically have training students come for Stay & Play, but this program is open to the public. If you haven’t trained with us before, we’ll spend time getting to know you and your dog. That way everyone is on the same page, and we know the best way to care for your dog.

Medication and special requests are no problem. We’re happy to accommodate anything you need, and we will send you updates while you’re away.

Nightly rate- $50
Nightly rate for addt’l dogs- $40
Added Dog Training: $45/30 min
Bath- $30
Nail trim- $15

Please email to make a Boise dog boarding reservation. Thank you!

Are you a busy dog owner? Do you want superior training for your pet? In our immersion board & train program, we train your dog for you! Your dog lives with the trainer and gets one-on-one training throughout the day. This is the best way to get results quickly and efficiently. It’s suitable for dogs of all ages. Private lessons are included to ensure training transfers seamlessly back to your home. Space is limited, and spots fill up quickly for these popular Boise dog training programs. Scroll down to see which program is right for your dog!

Puppy Head Start Board and Train

For puppies 8-24 weeks of age

The best time to begin training your puppy is right away. Let a professional do it for you! The Puppy Head Start program covers socialization, crate training, potty training, obedience and manners. We work with your puppy throughout the day, and we make training fun! Our goal is give your puppy a solid foundation for the future.

Your puppy will be introduced to all of the basic commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Come, Place, Crate, Wait and Leave It. We also teach Crate Training, Potty Training, Fitpaws and Treadmill just for fun. While your puppy is with us, we’ll address problem behaviors like excessive barking, jumping, nipping and mouthing.

And finally, we provide countless positive socialization and exposure opportunities around new people, places, sights, sounds, surfaces and animals.

Price includes training manual and private lesson training for the puppy’s owners so they’re successful after graduation.

Two weeks – $2300
Three weeks – $3000
Four weeks – $3700

Good Dog Board and Train

For dogs 6+ months of age

Do you have a friendly dog who needs to learn obedience and manners? This program is for you! The Good Dog Board & Train teaches basic on leash obedience, off leash remote collar obedience and manners at home and in public.

Your dog will learn reliable obedience to basic commands:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Heel
  • Come
  • Place
  • Crate
  • Wait
  • Focus
  • Leave It

We also cover crate training, house training, calm on cue, calm in the car, manners at home and in public and baths/nail trims. Just for fun, we also do Fitpaws, Urban Agility and Treadmill training with our doggie students!

This program includes a midway lesson, 2 graduation lessons and a follow up lesson. We transfer all of the training information, techniques and strategies to you to ensure the training is successful at home.

Three weeks – $3300
Additional week for extra e-collar training – $1000

Custom Board and Train

This program is designed for dogs with specific training goals. Training topics include but are not limited to: fear, aggression, reactivity, anxiety, service dog training, therapy dog training, drive building, personal protection training and obedience refresher training.

If you’re looking for service dog training, we highly recommend reaching out to our team for a customized training plan. This usually includes a combination of private lessons and board and train. Our areas of focus are PTSD, TBI, Mobility Support, Anxiety Alert and Response Dogs and more.

Program includes a custom dog training manual and private lessons for the owner. For dogs of all ages.

$1,000 to 1,200 per week

BOOKING INFORMATION: Price does not include food or training equipment. A non-refundable $500 deposit is required to book a spot, then the balance is due the first day of training. Spots go quickly! Contact Lead Trainer Jenna Larson:

Click here for Board and Train FAQ

If you are specifically interested in service dog training, you’ve come to the right place. We offer Service Dog Training in the following categories: PTSD/TBI Dogs, Mobility Dogs, Medical Dogs and Service Dogs for Children with Autism. Our services are offered for a variety of people across the country.

If you have a dog already, we recommend starting by scheduling a free consultation or a paid behavioral evaluation. The free consultation is a quick meet and greet designed to quickly evaluate your dog to determine which training program is a good fit for your dog. The behavioral evaluation is a more thorough assessment of a dog’s temperament, confidence level, sociability and potential for service work. The cost for the evaluation is $100 and it will take about 30 minutes.

At the consultation or evaluation, the trainer will make her assessment as to what is the best way to move forward, if your dog is in fact a good candidate for service dog work. We offer a variety of owner-trained programs to accommodate your budget and timeline. This can be private lesson training, board and train program/s and or stay and play with added training. Usually, the best way to accomplish service dog training is a combination of all three with very specific objectives for each training package.

With puppies, we always start with puppy imprinting. This includes typical puppy training to include socialization and exposure, introduction to basic commands, crate and potty training. From there, we build on the puppy’s obedience to begin working towards public access training and introduction to tasking. After the dog begins to mature, we focus exclusively on tasking to ensure the dog knows the tasks needed to provide support to the handler. This process, with the right dog, can take anywhere from six months to a year depending on the training program and or any required health testing (for mobility support, for example).

If you do not yet have a dog, contact us before you get one! We can help you select the right dog for the job. We offer litter evaluation services to help you pick out the best puppy in a litter. We can help you find a good breeder. And we can help you narrow down the best breeds for the job you have in mind. The best success rates for service dogs involve a skilled professional trainer right away. Let us help you stack the deck in your favor with the RIGHT DOG FIRST. This is imperative to the success of the dog’s training.

Once we have the right dog, ideally a well-bred puppy from a breed suitable for the job at hand, we like to begin training right away. Many of our clients start with a four-week Puppy Head Start Board and Train when the puppy is eight weeks old. Then, we do Private Lessons to continue the puppy’s training as he develops. Around six months old, we do the Good Dog Board and Train for three weeks. Then more lessons to start tasking and or a Custom Board and Train focused exclusively on task training. Service dogs must know specific tasks to aid their handler, such as alerting to high heart rate or an onsetting panic attack, stopping a meltdown, retrieving an item or providing physical assistance such as bracing. The tasks are endless and can be very specific to the person the dog is assisting.

We have had great success with our service dog assistance training program. Let us help you train the service dog you need! Both Head Trainer Amy Pishner and Lead Trainer Jenna Larson have/have had service dogs. We know what it takes to have a fully-functioning, successful working dog. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and it’s worth it. There’s nothing better than having a reliable and loving K9 lifeline at your side!

Please email to find out more.

Our standard for training service dogs is very high. We will help you have the best-trained dog possible so your dog can be an asset and not a liability in public when you need his help the most!

Are you a dog trainer or dog enthusiast looking to learn more? You’ve come to the right place! Valor K9 Academy offers an exclusive six day Boise dog training Shadow Program to students from around the world.

In this program, you get an inside look at the wonderful world of dog training. We cover academics, hands-on training and observation for a well-rounded experience. Topics include: private lessons, group classes when in session, board & trains, confidence building, core training skills, puppy training, basic obedience, remote collar training, business management, budgeting, social media, adult education and more. Bring your questions, we have answers! New for 2021 and 2022: This program is located in Boise, Idaho, and is being co-taught by Head Trainer Amy Pishner and Lead Trainer Jenna Larson.

Tuition is $1750 for a student and does not include transportation, meals or lodging. If you have a dog you’d like to bring to train, the cost for the dog is $1000 (for training only, not boarding). Note: Bringing a dog is optional. We provide dogs for students to work with. The deposit to book a spot is $750 and is not refundable for any reason. The deposit to bring a dog is $500 and is not refundable for any reason. The balance is due the first day of the program. Venmo is the best way to pay the deposit: send to Valor-K9-Academy and put “Shadow Program, the dates you want and your name and email in the notes section”

2018 programs (FULL)

Aug 6-10 (Jessica C., Teck G., Rachel H.) Sept 3-8 (Nathan S., Jacqueline C., Jenna L.) Oct 1-6 (Jevry D., Ashley H., Brenley M., Ashlyn K.)

2019 programs (FULL)

Mar 4-9 (Sara W., Lisa M., Justin K., Sara M.); Apr 1-6 (Ashley D., Traci S., Skye G., Emma S.); Aug 5-10 (Jenny N., Kelsi L., Kasie M., Amanda G.); Sept 2-7 (Haley S., Mary W., Kennedy F., Sadie O.)

2020 programs (FULL)

ALL 2020 PROGRAMS CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 Mar 16-21 (Hailey G., Donna M., Janis H., Terry H.); Mar 30-Apr 4 (Alexis M., Ariel C., Samantha C., Liz G.); Apr 20-25 (Jenna H., Sreenivasan N., Jessica S., Laine T.); May 11-16 (Taya H., Kelli C., Joshua D., Jacqueline B.); Aug 3-8 (Daniel C., Aika P., Amanda M., Elisa G.); Aug 17-22 (Lauren G., Nadia F., Kayla G., Keely K.); Sep 7-12 (Sami M., Alexa R., Allie L., Sarah A.)

2021 programs (FULL)

April 5-10 (Amanda M., Ashley M., Kaitlyn C., Natalie L., Donna M.); May 3-8 (Chelcie L., Taya H., Hailey G., Katie B., Erin S.); May 17-22 (Kayla M.G., Ariel C., Laine T., Dave S., Loren P.)

2022 programs (FULL)

April 4-9 (Ivonne M., Daren P., Brandon R., Noel P., Ashley A., Jacara F.), April 25-30 (Kristina A., Julia V., Brielle B., Rhiannon H., Brianna J., Angela A.), May 16-21 (Nicole N., Tara T., Shawna V., Rebecca M., Jolyn H., Tori W.)

Our Boise Dog Training in Action

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Meet The Trainers


Jenna Larson is the Lead Trainer for Valor K9 Academy – Boise dog training. She joined our Team in January 2019 and was promoted to Lead Trainer in October 2020. Jenna offers puppy training, basic obedience, service dog training and behavior rehabilitation. She specializes in Service Dogs and is our Virtual Trainer for Valor K9 Academy – Online.

Jenna worked for two other training companies and Petsmart prior to joining our team. She studied under Valor K9 Academy’s Head Trainer in our 450-hour three month Trainer Course where she earned the certification for “Canine Training Specialist,” then continued her education in February and March of 2020 for Behavior Rehabilitation Training. Jenna has attended the Valor K9 Academy Shadow Program and Second Annual Trainer Retreat. She is also pursuing continued education via online courses for Service Dog Training. Jenna is smart, talented and highly motivated.

Jenna has an associate degree and enjoys hiking, camping and working out. Originally from Battle Ground, Washington, Jenna lives in Star, Idaho, with her dog-sized cat, Ollie, and her Heeler mix rescue dog, Toby. Toby is her full-time helper dog and her service dog.

dog behavior training specialist

Samantha joined Valor K9 Academy – Boise dog training in November 2020. She brought with her a decade of experience in dog training.

Originally from Lake Almanor, California, Samantha’s passion for training began when she volunteered for Guide Dogs for the Blind. From there, she pursued her passion and spent three years as Operations Manager and Assistant Trainer for Canine Connection (CA), two years as General Manager for Citizen Canine (CA), four years as Dog Behaviorist & Trainer for Koru K9 (CA) and one year as Dog Behaviorist, Trainer & Owner of K9 Ambassadors Dog Training (TX).

Samantha has a long list of credentials. She attended National K-9’s Master Course in 2014 and is also certified as a Master Canine Fitness Trainer from the University of Tennessee. She has attended various workshops and seminars over the years under various trainers to include: AM-K9 Detection Seminar/Paul Orcutt, Decoy Training/Tarheel Canine, Training, Motivation and Intensity/Julie Ryckenbusch, Paws with a Cause, Operant Canine/Pat Stuart and STSK9’s Puppy & E-Collar University seminars. Upon joining Valor K9 Academy as a Trainer, Samantha studied under Head Trainer Amy Pishner to learn The VK9 Method of training.

Samantha is Pet CPR/First Aid certified and renews this certification yearly. She is also an International Association of Canine Professionals Member and AKC Evaluator.

She has five personal dogs who assist her in various training capacities. Samantha enjoys hiking and traveling with her dogs, and lives in Northeast Boise.


Abby and Wiley Rowland are Stay & Play Hosts for Valor K9 Academy – Boise. They offer boarding out of their home to our clients so dogs can have a stay-cation of their own while their owners are away.

Originally from Alabama, Abby and Wiley joined us in the fall of 2020 as clients when they moved to Idaho from South Carolina. Abby has a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Biotechnology from the University of Kentucky and went to the University of South Alabama for medical school. She currently works as a Family Physician for Saint Alphonsus in Nampa. Wiley works from home doing IT Consulting, so someone is always home with the dogs.

Abby and Wiley live in Meridian in a beautiful home with a dog room and a large fenced yard. They have two dogs, Molly a Doodle and Jester a German Shepherd, and their three cats. They spend their free time binging shows on Netflix, training the dogs and hiking. They just got kayaks and can’t wait to spend time on the water with the dogs this summer.


“I took my dog (Scout) to Jenna for 2 week board and train [in Boise] and she did an amazing job! Scout is going to be my service dog and Jenna made sure to get him off to the right start. She gave us straightforward exercises that we do everyday and I’ve really enjoyed building his ability up. Scout is going back for another stay in a few months and I can’t wait for Jenna to continue working her magic! I have endless gratitude for the Valor K9 team.”

-Celeste Y. (California)

“Our puppy Ted recently completed 4 weeks of Puppy Head Start at Valor K9 – Boise and Jenna was AMAZING! Ted has an excellent foundation and we couldn’t be happier. Jenna was always available to answer questions and she gave us updates throughout his training. Ted has been home for a week and we’ve already had numerous friends and neighbors comment how well trained he is. Thank You Jenna and Valor K9! We highly recommend them!!”

-Jeff R. (Boise, ID)

“We sent our sweet 6 month old Bernese Mountain to Valor K9 Academy for a month long Boise dog training board and train. It was incredible. They constantly stayed in contact to keep us updated on his progress. All of his rude behaviors were gone after a few weeks…no more leash pulling, jumping on kids, darting out the door…we are so incredibly happy with our decision. Amy and Samantha were amazing to work with and we cannot wait to use their services again in the future.”

-Meghan P. (Boise, ID)

“Maisie, our 1yo golden retriever just completed a 4-week BnT with Trainer Jenna in Boise. I found Valor after doing extensive research into service dog training. So many other trainers had philosophies I did not agree with – purely positive or simply slapping on an e-collar and stimming the dog into the desired behavior. Valor’s relationship-based, balanced training was exactly what I was looking for. Although we are located in CT, I knew four weeks with Valor was simply the best option to set my dog up for success with service work. Before the BnT, Maisie struggled with curbing her energy, settling in public, and duration work. It was clear even from the first few days of her stay that Jenna was doing tremendous work with Maisie. After four weeks, Maisie has become a more mentally mature dog, who tasks reliably and has phenomenal public access skills. She is able to settle for hours on end, and has become a neutral, handler focused dog. We cannot thank Jenna and Amy enough for their work with Maisie. Her abilities as a service dog have drastically increased my quality of life and I highly recommend Valor and Jenna to anyone who is looking for superior service dog training.”

-Mackenzie N. (New York)

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