“Take this trouble for me: Make sure my shepherd dog remains a working dog, for I have struggled all my life long for that aim.” -Max von Stephanitz, father of the German Shepherd Dog

Below is a list of pre-approved, reputable German Shepherd breeders. Each of these breeders strives to produce sound and stable German Shepherd puppies with good drives, good health and orthopedics, great temperaments and strong pedigrees. They are extremely cautious when choosing their breeding stock and only want the best dogs in their programs. These breeders carefully screen all of their puppy buyers and are happy to answer any questions you have. They all do health testing and the majority of these breeders title their dogs in various dog sports.

The following is our list of recommended breeders, in no particular order. If you click the breeder’s name, it’ll take you to their website. We update this list regularly.

  1. Jinopo Kennels (Czech Republic)
  2. Bauernhof Shepherds (Kansas)
  3. Vom Amwolf German Shepherds (Ilinois)
  4. Sentinel Harts German Shepherds (California)
  5. Feuergarten German Shepherds (Tennessee)
  6. Von Risden Haus German Shepherds (Kentucky)
  7. Von Lotta German Shepherds (Georgia)
  8. Lytle’s K-9’s German Shepherds (Alaska)
  9. Quellwasser German Shepherds (Indiana)
  10. Canine Concepts (Alabama)
  11. Kavallerie Shepherds (Vermont)
  12. Weberhaus (Kansas)
  13. Taylormade Working Dogs (California)
  14. Vogelhaus German Shepherds (New Jersey)
  15. Tiltonhaus German Shepherds (Washington)
  16. Jinopo Kennels (Czech Republic)
  17. Fieldshaus German Shepherds
  18. De Lupus Saevus (USA)
  19. Floyd Haus (New Jersey)
  20. Wendelin Kennel (Canada)
  21. Altavater German Shepherds (Georgia)
  22. Vom Blutfeuer German Shepherds (Alabama)

Keep in mind, it’s okay to ship well-bred German Shepherd puppies, so don’t scratch a breeder off your list simply because they are not close to you. Confident puppies who are not currently experiencing a fear period handle flights just fine. They come out of their crates happy and ready to work.

When you get your puppy, training needs to begin right away: day one. Don’t wait! Your puppy is a clean slate. Don’t mess him up!

If you’d like to work with a professional, Valor K9 Academy’s team of professional, certified trainers are happy to help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

-Amy Pishner