The best age to start training is when a puppy is eight weeks old. Puppies are sponges who soak up everything we teach them.

Early training sets puppies up for a lifetime of success.

We recommend addressing the following seven key categories in your early puppy training journey:

  1. Socialization

  2. Exposure

  3. Introduction to Basic Commands

  4. Confidence building

  5. Crate training

  6. Potty training

  7. Manners

puppy socialization

By starting your puppy’s training right away, you’re being proactive and avoiding teaching your puppy bad habits like chewing on furniture and play biting.

You’re also building an unbreakable bond with your puppy.

Good training is hands-down the best way to form a good relationship with your new puppy.

By spending quality time together, you’re getting to know each other and learning how to have fun in a safe and controlled manner.

You’re also teaching your puppy that all the good things happen with you. By training your puppy, he’s learning that you produce food, play and affection.

In no time, you will be the center of his world!

Early training that focuses on socialization and exposure helps teach puppies how to interact with the world around them in a positive way. It builds confidence and teaches valuable social skills.

It also helps avoid behavioral issues later down the road.

Most aggressive dogs and dogs with major behavioral problems were improperly or insufficiently socialized as puppies.

Early training makes your puppy easier to live with, and more enjoyable to be around. Instead of having a puppy who bites at your feet, chases the cat and ignores you when you call him, you can have a puppy who’s gentle, calm and obedient.

Early training makes your life easier and it makes your puppy happier too.

Dogs crave leadership. Early training teaches puppies what to do and what not to do. It gives them the parameters in which to peacefully and happily coexist with us humans.

It also gives puppies a broader set of skills and teaches them to enjoy training. A puppy who enjoys training is fun to train.

Training puppies is rewarding and fun. It’s an investment into your puppy’s future.

Early puppy training gives puppies a head start on life! It’s worth every minute of your time and every penny you spend.

Whether your puppy is eight weeks or eight months, don’t delay. Start training today!

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Happy Training!

By: Amy Pishner