Winter is here! The time of year when daylight is shorter, the weather is unpredictable and no one wants to exercise their dogs outdoors when it’s cold, windy, raining or snowing. All in all, this usually presents challenges when it comes to meeting your dog’s daily mental and physical exercise needs.

It’s also Christmas time, and some of you might be scrambling for fun and useful gift ideas for your doggies and your grand-doggies.

We’re here to help! Check out this blog post for some fun winter activities and gifts dogs will love!

Winter Activities

The biggest pro tip we can provide is to make mealtimes FUN! A food-motivated dog is an easy to exercise dog. Plus, cold weather months are typically when pet dogs put on weight because they are getting much less exercise and activity. So, instead of giving your dog high calorie treats… ditch your dog’s food bowl and utilize their food to diminish boredom and provide mental stimulation and exercise because a tired dog is a happy owner!

Some of our favorite ways to provide daily exercise for your dog regardless of the weather or time of day involve a combination of physical and mental exercise.

Indoor dog training activities:

  1. Training Sessions
  2. Utilize a treadmill
  3. Fitpaws Fun / At-Home Agility
  4. Food toys
  5. Tricks Training

Mental Stimulation Toys for Dogs:

Tetraflex Ball

Puzzle Ball


Zogoflex Rumbl

Zogoflex Qwizl

REVRP Dog Puzzle Toy

ARF Pets Dog Treat Dispenser

DIY Dog Toy Mental Stimulation Ideas:

○ NEED: a metal cupcake pan + 12 tennis balls

■ Spread kibble out over each hole of the cupcake pan

■ Cover each hole with a ball

■ Put on the ground and let your dog figure out how to get to their food!

○ NEED: gatorade bottle (or similar plastic bottle) + power drill

■ Clean and sanitize the plastic bottle

■ Use power drill to create holes big enough for a kibble or two to fall through

■ Re-clean the bottle to get rid of any debris from drilling

■ Remove cap and Fill with your dog’s kibble then secure the cap ■ Put on the floor and let your dog roll it around on the ground to get their meal!

Fitpaws Dog Training Fun!

Fitpaws Fun / At-Home Agility is a great way to work your dog’s brain and their body! Here are my favorite Amazon finds to have some indoor fun with your dog! Are you new to Fitpaws fun?

Check out our YouTube video on how to get started!

Recommended Fitpaws equipment for dogs of all ages and abilities:

○ Balance Disc: (beginner to advanced)

○ Bosu Ball (beginner to advanced)

○ Cardio Platform (beginner to advanced)

○ 2 Paw Wobble Board (intermediate to advanced)

○ Textured 2 Paw Wobble Board:

○ Balance Donut (intermediate to advanced)

At-Home Dog Agility Fun (appropriate for all ages)

○ Tunnel

○ Hoop Jump

○ Calisthenics Training Ladder

○ Agility Hurdle Set

We hope you like the gift ideas and activity suggestions we’ve mentioned. Do more with your dog and have fun while doing it!

Note: We receive a small commission for each item purchased using the links above. Thanks for your support!

Article by: Samantha Lee, Trainer for Valor K9 Academy – Boise and Certified Canine Fitness Trainer