5 reasons we might NOT be the trainer for you

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Dog training is a services industry. For dog training to work, there has to be harmony between the dog owner and the dog trainer. We are NOT the trainer for everyone, because not everyone approaches dog training with the same expectations. We publish a lot of information across various platforms to educate people on who we are and what we do. [...]

Meet the Trainer – Dana O’Lone Long

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We have an amazing team, and we want you to get to know them! This is the second in our series of Trainer Highlights! In this article, we ask Lead Trainer Dana O'Lone Long of Valor K9 Academy - Chattanooga some questions about her life and life as a dog trainer. 1. What is your favorite dessert? All of them! Cheesecake, [...]

Meet the Trainer – Jenna Larson

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Get to know our trainers! This is the first in a series of interviews highlighting our amazing team of trainers! In this interview, we ask Lead Trainer Jenna Larson of Valor K9 Academy - Boise some questions to get to know her better! Where are you from? What’s the best thing to do there? I am from Battle Ground, Washington. It [...]

Now trending: Malinois, Shepherds and Dutchies

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I've been in the dog world for eight years now, and there's something trending lately that's driving me crazy. It's people getting dogs because they're cool, trendy or popular on social media. Dog trainers and dog owners alike are both guilty of this. I remember back in 2010 when I met a Belgian Malinois for the first time. It was a [...]

Training Dog Trainers and The 2020 Trainer Retreat

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This past November 7-8 2020, we hosted our second annual Trainer Retreat here in Idaho. It was held at our home just north of Boise overlooking the Boise foothills. It was absolutely an honor and a privilege to be able to unite with so many passionate and inspired dog trainers and enthusiasts who all had the same goal: to better themselves [...]

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