When to reward eye contact

Eye contact is a critical part of training. Eye contact builds engagement, and engagement is everything! An engaged dog focuses on the handler and everything else is just background noise. So how do you build engagement, and how do you keep it?  Knowing when to reward eye contact is a major component to good dog training. Building eye contact Eye contact [...]

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Meet Boise Dog Trainer, Taya Hekking!

Get to know Trainer Taya in this fun interview where we ask her lots of random questions about her life, her past, her dogs and her goals! Taya joined our team in September 2021 and has been a valued team member ever since! 1. Taya, what is your favorite hobby or past-time? Besides training dogs, I love archery, listening to podcasts, [...]

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The amazing benefits of CBD for dogs (and cats!)

If you didn't know this already, I am a huge fan of CBD. And I'll tell you why... CBD can be a game-changer for dogs and cats with health issues from allergies to cancer. How does it work? There's a messenger system in your pet's body called the endocannabinoid system. It helps regulate everything from sleep and appetite to pain, the [...]

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*NEW* Stuffed Kongs!

Hi Clients! We are adding an optional treat to our Stay and Plays and Board and Trains: Stuffed Kongs! This is something many of our team members were already doing for their doggie guests as a bonus! Stuffed Kongs are a wonderful enrichment activity for dogs that gives them a yummy treat and a mental workout; it's a win-win! Stuffed Kongs [...]

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“I don’t want my dog to be a robot”

This excerpt is taken from a Facebook post by Dog Trainer Samantha Lee, one of our Boise dog trainers! Her student, Taxi the Vizsla, is enrolled in our four week Good Dog Advanced Board and Train program, which covers on leash obedience, off leash obedience, manners at home and in public, and lots of fun-filled adventures and play sessions!  Taxi's dog [...]

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