Recommended Service Dog Breeders (Spokane, Boise and Chattanooga)

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Are you looking for a reputable breeder to get a service dog puppy prospect from? Here is our list of recommended breeders. Each breeder does breed-specific health testing and pays close attention to conformation, temperament and working abilities. We have worked with puppies/dogs from most of these breeding programs. Many of them are now therapy and service dogs. Of course, which [...]

Therapy dogs, service dogs and emotional support dogs: Similarities and Differences

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(This article was written by Trainer Maria Fell of Valor K9 Academy - Spokane. Thank you for your contribution, Maria!) There is an unfortunate lack of understanding among the general public – and even educated dog owners – when it comes to assistance dogs. A few well-known assistance dogs are “Emotional Support Animals,” “Therapy Dogs,” and “Service Dogs.” These are likely [...]