“I don’t want my dog to be a robot”

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This excerpt is taken from a Facebook post by Dog Trainer Samantha Lee, one of our Boise dog trainers! Her student, Taxi the Vizsla, is enrolled in our four week Good Dog Advanced Board and Train program, which covers on leash obedience, off leash obedience, manners at home and in public, and lots of fun-filled adventures and play sessions!  Taxi's dog [...]

2021 Idaho Family Pet Expo – Boise, Idaho

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A few weeks ago on April 17th, my trainers and I had the opportunity to attend the Idaho Family Pet Expo! The expo is offered annually for pet enthusiasts of all ages. There is an array of pet vendors from local businesses and nationwide shops offering a variety of products for family pets. This includes food items, toys, grooming supplies and [...]

Breeder Spotlight: Fidelity Farm Labradors in Washington

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We love responsible breeders! And we want to support their good work and the wonderful companions they provide for so many people. In this Breeder Spotlight, we talk to Cindy of Fidelity Farm Labradors in Spokane, WA, about her amazing breeding program. April shares a lot of super interesting information with us about health testing, puppy selections and her family's selfless [...]

Dog Rescue Spotlight: Path of Hope in Spokane WA

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Path of Hope Rescue, located in Spokane, WA, helps save pregnant dogs and puppies. They are one of our favorite rescues and staunch supporters of training! In this article, we ask Path of Hope Founder and Director, Caitlin Knight, some questions about Path of Hope and rescue in general. This is the first in our series of ethical rescue spotlights! [...]

Five things you can do to protect your dog from other dogs on walks

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The other day I went rollerblading with my German Shepherd, Havok. I can't tell you how many dogs we passed that were reactive, aggressive or uncontrolled. It was rather obnoxious. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your dog from other dogs while on walks. In this blog, I give you FIVE TIPS to do just that! These tips will help you [...]

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