We love to share free tips and tricks with our clients and social media followers. That’s why we have this blog! It’s full of information designed to help you train your dog and stay up-to-date on the latest methods and services. In this blog, we dive into part 3 of our “Ask Your Boise Dog Trainers” series.

1. Which 3 breeds make the best service dogs?

“Labs, Goldens and Standard Poodles are three of the “Fab Four” breeds for service dog work. The fourth breed is the Rough Collie. These breeds are genetically predisposed to being friendly, smart, biddable and easy to train.

“My personal favorite breed for service dog work is the Golden Retriever. I love that they are social and friendly, but also love to train and learn new skills. Any breed of dog can be a service dog, but it’s important to put your needs above the breed.”

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2. When is the best time to start training my dog?

“The best time to start training your dog is right now! You can start training puppies as early as eight weeks old, and, with any older dog, the sooner you start training the better. A common misconception is that you should start training when you have behavioral issues with your dog. But the truth is, the sooner you start training, the better your foundation will be, and the less likely it is that you’ll run into behavioral issues as your dog matures.

“Think of early training as Problem Prevention!”

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3. What are your favorite dog-friendly places in Boise?

“Boise is such a dog-friendly city for well-behaved pets, which is why I believe dog owners here should be even more motivated to train! I love walking around Esther Simplot Park in Boise. It’s beautiful and has many wide, well-groomed on-leash trails.

“A great place for off-leash hiking is Harrison Hollow Trail. Although you will always encounter irresponsible dog owners with little-to-no control over their dogs, I have genuinely had mostly positive experiences on this trail! It has great city views up on the ridge, and I love frequently passing dog owners with well-behaved off-leash dogs.

“Lastly, Northwest Pets is always a fun and positive place to go with your dog. Not only do they have the highest quality of dog food, treats and gear, but I always appreciate how kind and respectful their employees are.

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