This excerpt is taken from a Facebook post by Dog Trainer Samantha Lee, one of our Boise dog trainers! Her student, Taxi the Vizsla, is enrolled in our four week Good Dog Advanced Board and Train program, which covers on leash obedience, off leash obedience, manners at home and in public, and lots of fun-filled adventures and play sessions! 

Taxi’s dog training journey

“I don’t want my dog to be a robot!”

When I ask clients what their top dog training goals are, they often reply that they don’t want their dog to be a robot. They fear that dog training tools will suppress their dog’s personality…and this was a concern for Taxi’s owners when they signed up for training.

My reply is always the same. Our goal is to help your dog be his happiest and live his best life. And in order to create a happy dog, we build their engagement and motivation; because rewards are how we teach them the commands and behaviors we desire. The training tools are brought in only when there is clarity in the commands we’ve shaped. The tools are used to not only proof your dog’s training, but also to enable YOU, their owners, to give your dog freedom safely and to do all the things you want to do with your dog.

Taxi is heading into his fourth and final week of his Good Dog Advanced Board and Train program, and I have sent weekly videos to his owners of various dog training sessions to show them his progress. And with every video, they reply how HAPPY their dogs looks and how much FUN he is having training!

We truly love getting to build dogs up, to show the power of relationship-based balanced training and to help dogs and their owners live their best lives – together.

Dog Trainer Sam

The Good Dog Advanced Board & Train – Boise

The Good Dog Advanced Board and Train program covers foundational training, basic obedience on leash, basic obedience off leash and manners at home and in public. It is dog training designed for social (friendly) dogs who are six months of age and older. It is a four week board and train program, here in Boise, where dogs receive all the training they need in one short month! We take wild and unruly dogs and transform them into Good Citizens then teach their owners how to continue their good progress at home. It’s a very successful program and one of our favorite dog training services!

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