Hi Clients! We are adding an optional treat to our Stay and Plays and Board and Trains: Stuffed Kongs! This is something many of our team members were already doing for their doggie guests as a bonus! Stuffed Kongs are a wonderful enrichment activity for dogs that gives them a yummy treat and a mental workout; it’s a win-win!

Stuffed Kongs will be sourced by ingredients purchased by the team member and will contain healthy ingredients as an added nutritional boost for your dog! Some examples of our Stuffed Kong recipes include:

1- Probiotic Superblend Kong

Excellent for gut health, this Kong includes yogurt and/or pumpkin blended with Kin+Kind layered with high quality canned food. This is a great option for dogs who may get loose stool from a change of environments, or dogs who tend to be anxious. This is also a great option for dogs who could benefit from some added probiotics!

Learn more about Kin+Kind here: https://kin-kind.com/collections/natural-dog-supplements

2- Protein Packed Kong

This Kong is a blend of dehydrated raw and yogurt or pumpkin blended with skin+coat Kin+Kind with a bullystick or duck food stuffed in the top. A protein-packed Kong is an excellent option for thin or high energy who could benefit from some added protein.

3- Superfoods Kong

Blending coconut oil with Kin+Kind greens or immunity boost plus blueberries and high quality canned food. Yum! We love a superfoods Kong for all dogs, especially seniors.

4- Classic Kong

High quality canned food with some added toppers and supplements. Can’t go wrong with a Classic Kong!

And more! There are countless ways to make a stuffed Kong exciting and nutritious.

Participating team members will do the shopping, and the stuffing and the clean-up, to provide your dog with a fun treat during their stay. We like to give dogs Kongs while on place or in their crate as part of their nightly routine. It’s a great way to end a great day! And in some cases, we might freeze the Kongs for a little bit to give your dog an added challenge.

Featuring Trainer Samantha’s Stay and Play guest, Finn!

We are so excited about this offering! Be sure to let us know if you’d like to spoil your dogs with Stuffed Kongs during their stay with us. Cost is $4.50 each.

Thank you!