You have dog training questions, and we have answers! In this post, we continue asking our Boise Dog Trainers your great questions! Read their answers below. Continued from part 1, we ask commonly asked questions so you can learn their answers! This is a great way to share good information about all-things dog training.

4. Why do you use e-collars to teach dogs to recall off leash?

Recall is a simple concept, but it is one of the most difficult to teach for one simple fact: a dog who is off-leash has infinite distractions and competing motivators. Squirrels, other dogs, people, bicyclists, wildlife, smells, sounds, etc., all of which provide ample opportunities for your dog to learn that recalling to you can be optional. In turn, if your dog is off leash and dose not have a proofed recall, it can easily make your dog susceptible to endangering himself and others. So, it is extremely important to build a solid and reliable recall so that you can enjoy having your dog safely off-leash.

When taught correctly, remote collars are the simplest and most effective way to communicate with dogs when they are off leash, because it holds them accountable for obeying you regardless of the competing motivators around them. Remote collars enable you to break your dog’s fixation to a high distraction AND reliably recall him which also provides ample opportunities for you to reward your dog.

Bottom line: Remote collars allow you to safely give dogs freedom anywhere that dogs are allowed off leash; as well as give you – their owners – confidence in your ability to recall them.


5. What do you love most about being a dog trainer?

I love watching people form a meaningful relationship with their dog. Being able to create outlets where people can enjoy training and spending time with their dog is super rewarding! I also love knowing that I’m making a difference for the dog to have the most fulfilling life it can. I personally enjoy training service dogs the most and love seeing them task for their handlers. In some cases, these dogs are literally saving lives, and that’s not a responsibility I take lightly. I love knowing that I’m making a meaningful difference in someone’s life!


6. My dog is not food motivated. How can I train him?

We want to first build your dog’s food motivation! A lot of times dogs aren’t food motivated because they haven’t been required to work for it and have free access to it. If you have your dog work for his food via training sessions, you’ll see a big increase in food motivation, which will in turn help you with your training! If your dog decides to turn up his nose to the food during training, skip that meal and try again later. Deprivation = motivation.



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